Best hotels Turkey

Perhaps, everyone loves to have a good rest. Going to another country, every traveler hopes to stay outside the house will remember him for a long time and will leave behind only positive emotions. Many tourists prefer to spend their vacations in Turkey . which is not surprising, because in addition to the wonderful climate this country is famous for its excellent conditions for recreation.

Hotels Turkey in Istanbul on the Bosphorus

When choosing a place to stay, you should consider several factors. First, it is necessary to estimate the size of the territory in which the hotel is located . Second, ask whether there is a building near the pool. In addition, all of differ from each other by the level of service and equipment provided. So, one room can be air conditioning with remote control and even a safety Deposit box and the other with a minimal set of furniture. Continue reading

Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the world

There are hotels in the world, where is almost impossible to get ordinary mortals. They are magnificent rooms, presidential suites and luxury which is amazing, and the price for 1 day is several times higher than the annual the income of the average Russian. But even the standard double room in this hotel on a pocket far not to everyone.

Gold online: the most expensive hotel chain in the world

Let’s start our review with a description of the most expensive and luxurious hotel chains in the world. Her name has long been synonymous with wealth, luksofori and high quality service. In any of its hotels(96), can feel like a VIP and get in touch with the world elite. Probably you have already guessed that we are talking about The Ritz-Carlton is a famous hotel chain with more than century-long history of impeccable service. One of the most expensive rooms at the the Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite is the hotel in Tokyo, a day in which you will have to pay a decent amount to 25 thousand US dollars. Continue reading

Most expensive hotels in the world

The most expensive hotels in the world – Moscow

In Moscow shortage of hotels for the middle class

In Moscow the most expensive hotels in the world, because the hotel Fund is small, and the demand for rooms is available from solvent businessmen, not tourists.

The average room in the Russian capital costs 417 $ (258 pounds) per day, counted the drafters of the rating of cities with the most expensive hotels, Hogg Robinson Group.

Stanislav Ivashkevich, Deputy Director for development of “hospitality Industry” in the company CB Richard Ellis says that in Moscow there are only 35 hotels that meet all modern requirements.

“In London Holiday Inn only 20 pieces!”, – Ivashkevich said.

Build in Moscow nervously and expensive

One hotel

“We built a hotel in the centre of Moscow. To function properly, we built a ventilation extension at the top. Continue reading

Budget hotels Novgorod

“Marins Park Hotel Nizhny Novgorod”

Congress hotel “Marins Park Hotel Nizhny Novgorod” – the largest hotel of the Volga region, located in the city center at the famous Nizhny Novgorod Fair. From the train station to “Marins Park Hotel” can be reached easily on foot. Comfortable taxi will take You from the airport “Strigino” to the hotel quickly and inexpensively.

The hotel “Marins Park Hotel Nizhny Novgorod” is a great place for a romantic meal in cafes and restaurants. Pancakes with lime and honey a “Royal” fish soup with sturgeon in the hotel restaurant, tender beef with cheese sauce at the bar “the Steak house”, a dark Irish beer and pork steak, grilled with sautéed vegetables, in the restaurant, IRISH PUB & KARAOKE “Shizgara”. Continue reading

Holidays in Turkey: an extravagant and chic

Turkey – available, exotic, already well habitable Belarusian tourists. But there is another holiday in Turkey. What hotels are considered to be gorgeous and what a super service and convenience you can count today.

Tours to Turkey are leading in demand among the Belarusians that summer. Many of our compatriots have already visited the standard beach hotels. What to do when the famous seaside resort-want more? Of course, hotels below the level of 5* in the review were not included. Among the criteria is the most important: professional staff; the decor, architecture, furnishings; equipped areas; additional VIP amenities; reviews.

Mardan Palace hotel-Palace hotel-city. This is the most expensive holiday in Antalya. Its area is huge – 195 thousand square meters. The exclusives include a giant swimming pool in the centre, through which spanned bridge. He, according to legend, built by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. The water surface is cut through the passenger gondola. Continue reading

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Best hotels Turkey
Perhaps, everyone loves to have a good rest. Going to another country, every traveler hopes to stay outside the house will remember him for a long time and will leave…

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