5 designer hotels in the world

Hoteliers try to come up with all sorts of unique ways to attract tourists to their hotels, offering them an impeccable service, additional discounts, free accompaniment around the city and much more. Most progressive hotel owners go to extreme measures and turn their offspring in the art space where it is not only important what is inside, but as it stands. To do this, hoteliers are attracted to the design of the room by well-known designers and artists. Today we do a little tour on design hotels.

The James Royal Palm, Miami

To create the image at The James Royal Palm was attended by designers from different cities. New York’s creators designed the bathrooms, the Museum of modern art Miami along with artist Jorge Pantojas designed a uniform of the hotel staff, the whole kitchen came straight from Paris, and was engaged lighting designers from London. Continue reading

The island of Ischia and its hotels

Forio. This is one of the largest towns of Ischia, which was once the most important settlement of the island, well fortified, with its own artillery, the beauty of the surroundings of Forio always attracted artists and writers. The local variant of Mediterranean architecture with its many domes and towers are well perceived on the background of evergreen gardens that adorn the slopes of the hills and of the volcano Epomeo . The most remarkable watch-tower, preserved from the XV century, dominates the harbour of Forio. Connoisseurs of cinematography I’d love to visit the ancient Villa of Colombia . made famous by the film Director Luchino Visconti. As with other areas of the island, Forio is rich in natural thermal resources. The most valuable sources combined pools at Citara and Agnone . It is based on them is based the famous thermal complexes Poseidon, Paolone Monterone . as well as the ancient Terme Castile and Castiglione di Saliceto . Continue reading

La Residencia

Hotel La Residencia is located in the North-West coast of Mallorca in a romantic and beautiful village called Deia, which is considered the unofficial capital of the island.

Here we move on to the summer by eminent persons and well-known figures of show business. The hotel is located in the blooming valley among the palms and cypresses. Its buildings blend harmoniously with the natural landscape.

The close relationship of the sea and the Tramontana mountains, Majorca’s rich and varied architecture, mild climate humid, dressed in green all around – that is the environment of La Residencia.

The hotel is a unique summer residence, nestled among hundreds of stone terraces hanging over the sea.

The buildings are surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Continue reading

The famous hotels of France

One of the shareholders of TNK-BP and “SUAL”, Leonard Blavatnik last year acquired two hotels: Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat on the Cote d’azur and Hotel Vendome in the heart of Paris. Buy legendary hotels cost the billionaire in no less than 215 million euros. Another 47 million euros will be invested in their development. The entrepreneur bought the company Fralpa S. A. company Societe du Cap Union Hoteliere SAS, the balance of which was both of, said in a press release of the BP Com Agency working with hotels, write “Vedomosti”.

Hotel Vendome, as already mentioned, is located in the centre of Paris. This five-star hotel with 18 single and 11 double rooms. Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat lies on a Peninsula, flanked by the Mediterranean sea. The hotel has 53 single rooms, nine double rooms and one presidential Suite with an area of 550 square meters. Continue reading

The famous Plaza hotel will be allowed for Souvenirs

One of the most famous hotels in new York, the Plaza hotel, was an opportunity for fans to recreate the interiors of your home. For this, they need only to buy something owned, from a teaspoon to a fully furnished room, reports the New York Post.

The sale of the hotel will begin on Friday morning, may 20, and will be held in the framework of the program of renovation of the hotel. Anyone can buy almost anything – furniture, blankets, uniforms for doormen, art. The choice is limited only by the wallet of the buyer.

Press Secretary of the “Plaza” Lisa Linden, said that “for those who stayed here, this is a great opportunity to buy something that would remind them of those days”.

Ice bucket, monogrammed stands $ 20. A Minibar is available for $ 35. Those interested can buy the maid uniform ($45) or messenger ($100), and a Bathrobe exhibited for the price of $ 75. Continue reading

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