Best Spa hotels of the world

Family life start with a healthy recreation and spiritual reboot. In our review of the best Spa hotels in the world for relaxation and restore vital energy.

Wedding — one of the bright culmination of the events of a love relationship, after which often follows a natural emotional decay: the lovers exhausted festive worries and pretentious promises and need a relaxing vacation. They have once again “closer” to each other in his new capacity as husband and wife, to produce new “rules of life” and co-existence. Dive in to family care went smoothly, psychologists recommend to spend your honeymoon in detachment the atmosphere of the resort with a quality SPA, away from the bustle of the city. Study the best Spa hotels in the world!

Chedi Andermatt, Andermatt, Switzerland

Designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, the Chedi Andermatt is a real pearl of Europe. Windows in the floor allow guests to enjoy unmatched views of the Swiss Alps, Andermatt village and gorge Sallinen, all walls are decorated with frescoes in the style of Peter Paul Rubens and Spa hotel with an area of 2400 sq meters is the ideal way to learn to listen to yourself. Several swimming pools, including outdoor, the newest Technogym exercise machines, yoga, sauna and steam bath with organic salt will waseela and thoughts in order. In Spa only uses natural products and oils, including brand Alpienne, in products which involved pure olive oil, beeswax and lanolin.

Mii Amo, Sedona, USA

Sedona is an oasis in the Arizona desert. Fabulous scenery with the peaks of the red mountains and the idyllic sky — a proven remedy against stress and nervousness. Hikers and philosophy walk the talk can go Hiking, athletes choose from one of the bike trails on rocky terrain, and the sybarites — trust experts as one of the best country Spa in the hotel Mii Amo. Here yoga becomes a truly spiritual quest, Spa wraps heal body and soul, and the exquisite menu at the unobtrusive change your eating habits in accordance with the recommendations of doctors.

Velaa Private Island, Maldives

All Maldives hotels give great importance to relaxation and Spa treatments, but Velaa Private Island reached a new level. Here is one of four world-famous spas My Blend by Clarins, where each product is selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of the client’s skin. In idyllic cottages on the water you return your confidence and your beauty. In addition to relaxing SPA pleasures, guests can enjoy diving, Golf courses, an exceptional wine collection and private cruises on the hotel’s yacht. However, some guests finished the entire vacation not to leave your Villa: private pool and personal Butler — what more could you ask for?

D-Hotel Maris and Espa Spa, Turkey

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