Summer vacation – Tivat

In Tivat, in my opinion, can not fail to please. It has everything for a vacation: nice sports centers, diving clubs, bowling, Botanical garden. Traditionally summer and autumn there are several festivals and carnivals. Here is the best in the Adriatic complex yachts Porto Montenegro.

The water in Boca Kotopckov the Gulf is slightly warmer than in the open sea, for many a vacation there seems to be more comfortable. Continuing the theme of the resort towns we would like to mention an extremely popular tourist Budva. So popular that it is worth three times to think before to go there. The city is located by the sea. In season (July-August) there is very crowded, and they say that the beaches need to take before 7:00 am. Also, the beaches just don’t have time to clean for the tourists, polluting not only the territory but also the waters. However, in architectural and natural the plan the city is very interesting. In and around the city a lot of fortifications, palaces and temples. Budva Riviera is one of the most beautiful places of Montenegro. Montenegro is very well located, because you can not only relax near the sea, but also visit neighboring countries – Croatia or Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria large selection of resorts and hotels. I advise you to look at the best hotels in Sunny beach, I am sure that you will find a suitable option. You can stay in luxury hotel of 5* level or to find more modest but also a very comfortable option.

Cetinje and Podgorica – the most important city of Montenegro. If the city performs the role of the historical and cultural capital, the second is the actual capital and business center of the country. Want to feel the real flavor of the Montenegrin – go to Cetinje. Excursions are offered from every city of the country. Interested in contemporary Montenegro – Podgorica. The capital of Montenegro has a very attractive silhouette. Here, incidentally, is the second airport of the country. This, of course, not all cities of Montenegro, and not all information about them. I’m sure I missed a lot of interesting. But share what I saw heard herself.

We came back by plane. To get to the airport was about the usual way – by bus. Though not calculated, there is no public transport at the weekend to go three times less. After waiting half an hour at the bus stop, agreed with the taxi driver that if the bus isn’t 10 minutes that go with it. But the bus came, because the services of a taxi driver we’ve used. When got on the ferry from Kamenari to Lepetani, it turned out that the taxi drivers at the dock there. We asked the staff at the ferry to help us call a taxi. And in five minutes we had a car for 15 euros which took us to the airport.

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