5 of the most interesting and original boutique hotels

On the eve of the summer holidays we offer you a list of the most interesting and original boutique hotels . prepared the first Russian search engine prices on HotelLook. The boutique — type hotels small, positioned as the most stylish, luxurious and exclusive. Often incorporated into a particular thematic style. Usually do not belongs to a renowned hotel chains.

The boutique hotel Indigo Pearl Phuket Thailand, best boutique hotel India, Hotel in RAAS, a boutique hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere in Sicily, a boutique hotel Kirini in Oia Santorini Greece, and Longitude 131 degrees — boutique hotel in the middle of the Australian desert. All these hotels are located in some of the most picturesque places of our planet.

Luxury design hotel Indigo Pearl Phuket is located in the quiet Bay of Nai Yang in Phuket, Thailand. It was opened in 2007, and in 2011-2012 underwent a partial reconstruction.

The hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens and a national Park. In his intriguing design embodies a unique combination of postmodern art and reflects the history of Phuket. Designed the hotel Indigo Pearl Phuket world famous architect Bill Bensley.

2. RAAS Hotel — the best boutique hotel in India.

RAAS Hotel in Jodhpur, India and was recognized as the Best building according to 2011WAF. It is located in a colorful corner of the world, in an exotic country, famous for its spices, aromas and colored outfits. The building is a unique boutique luxury hotel located at the foot of the fortress Walled City of Jodhpur from the 17th century with a rich history. And to give credit for such an elegant structure is the company’s architects the Lotus Praxis Initiative.

RAAS Hotel is an eclectic mix of styles, old and new, and so skillfully realized that it seems as if the hotel was there. Harmony reigns not only in architecture but also in landscape design, as well as the rooms, Spa and two restaurants. The hotel has 32 spacious rooms and 7 exclusive suites, each of which in addition to the sleeping area equipped with a living room, a balcony and a bathroom. A warm and friendly atmosphere RAAS Hotel attracts travelers, like pilgrims returning here again and again.

A charming boutique hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere is located in Sicily, Italy. Decor in a rustic style perfectly captures the taste of the history and traditions of this region. The value of the building in which the hotel is located, obvious, and previously it belonged to the monks.

Built on a hillside, it has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea. Is adjacent to an organic farm where he grows a variety of fruits offered by the guests. The vineyard and the kitchen garden are another distinctive feature and a definite advantage Monaci delle Terre Nere.

Luxury boutique hotel Kirini in Oia Santorini is a traditional Greek village on the island of Santorini. A unique atmosphere is created with scenic views of the volcanic Islands, the serene scenery of the Aegean sea and the traditional Cycladic architecture.

Rooms with modern design will turn your stay in Oia Santorini Kirini in a real fairy tale. Elegant and simple at the same time, they are decorated in white colour schemes. On site presents one of the best on the island Spa A. SPA. For food lovers a unique experience will be a visit to the restaurant Relais & Châteaux, and the bar at White Cave Pool Lounge & Cocktail offers a real cave next to the pool, to taste the most exotic cocktails. Romantic evening walks along the streets of the island you will remember as the most carefree time.

5. Longitude 131° — a boutique hotel in the middle of the Australian desert.

Longitude 131° hotel, reminiscent of a tented town in the middle of the Australian desert. But you never forget all the luxury that he is willing to offer. All necessary amenities and designer interior behind the humble tents of fifteen “green” rooms at the boutique hotel. But the main attraction is, oddly enough, the lack thereof.

Here you can relax, listening to the silence and enjoying stunning sunsets. The restaurant Table 131° offers gourmet meals, and Dune Top at the bar you can relax with a cocktail, watching the beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. Well, if you calm bored, camel rides, trip on a Harley-Davidson or helicopter will enliven the rest.

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