Glamour d Azur

One of the most prestigious corners of the globe, Cote d’azur, has long since acquired a strong reputation enclave of Paradise and glamour. Even picky eyes rejoices the local yachts, villas and stylishly dressed people on the streets and in the restaurants at any time of the day. Tart cocktail of sunshine and money leaves few people indifferent.

It is here that the Russian deputies and billionaires prefer to be in an automobile accident on their red or black Ferrari. And with a cute companion in the bargain. However, Bentley, Porche, Mercedes XL and other sports brand is also at a premium on the Cote d’azur. Often, vacationers are secured and leased helicopters, because on the roads in the “Paradise” coast is always stretched a huge tube.

City of the côte d’azur live like all the time adorn the covers of glossy magazines or pose under the spotlight. The tall, slender woman walking with a dwarf poodle or mysteriously walk with “Louis Vuitton”.

But on the Cote d’azur come not only for a relaxing doing nothing. Rich people are enterprising and dynamic. Here is the black Mercedes headed towards Domaine de châteauneuf, the mansion of the XVIII century, located on the slopes of the mountain ridge of Sainte-Baume. Nearby, stretches the field for the game of Golf “Frigate”. “The battle with the hole” here comes amid spectacular views over the shimmering Mediterranean sea. Golf clubset-Andreoli located in luxurious hills of Roquebrune. using in its design of their bends.

At the same time, the game in the Cannes club “Mougins” (Mougins) will be held in the atmosphere of a traditional country club on the French Riviera. Here is one of the stages of the European tour PGA (Professional Golf Association).

Expanse on the Riviera and yachts. Yacht on the coast of the most different classes big set. The typical picture is a glittering parade of yachts, some the size of a great house lined up on the emerald coastal waters.

Saint Laurent du var in nice, modern port with a fifty foot entrance. Can moor here about one thousand seven hundred yachts of up to twenty-three feet. Port in the Bay of Angels offers four hundred seventy four berths in the private port and fifty-three in public. This thriving yachting in Antibes. In the local port comfortable are the large private yachts in the Mediterranean.

In Cannes two berths: Pierre Canto, Cannes located along the highway to the end of La Croisette with six hundred and fifty Parking spaces, and the port of Cannes, separated by a dock on one side and by a breakwater from the East and sheltered from all winds except East.

In the Bay of Saint-Tropez are as much as three ports (four thousand five hundred mooring places). In Saint Tropez you can all out and put a yacht anchored right in front of promenade Mall.

The most famous yachts of the côte d’azur is Kristina O and Savarona. Each of them is in length a hundred and twenty meters. To rent a yacht Kristina very expensive – from $500 thousand per month (or $20 thousand per day). These yachts are the most lavish parties of the coast, they are satisfied, as a rule, Arab millionaires.

In almost every city of the côte d’azur has its own casino. The most famous casino Monte Carlo in Monaco. The best restaurants are, admittedly, located in nice. Mougins, Beaulieu sur Mer and Cannes .

The famous hotel Martinez, built in the art Deco style, during the Cannes film Festival fill the famous actors and successful producers. Enjoy the view of the Beau Monde in the restaurant with panoramic terrace and views over the Bay of Cannes, La Palme d’or.

The hotel Majestic Barriere three restaurants: “Villa des Lys”, a recognized gourmet restaurant “Fouquet’s Cannes” and a restaurant on the beach. The beauty and luxury involved time and again here Catherine Deneuve, Christophe Lambert, Isabelle Adjani, Gerard Depardieu, Michael Jackson and many others. Meanwhile, the Russian “glamour” for the most part prefers Gangnam Saint-Tropez .

Nightlife is famous the whole Cote d’azur, Saint-Tropez will give many pleasure centers of a hundred points. In recent years it has become fashionable beach club Nikki Beach. The club owner, Eric black came from Miami and fit with your school requests in the Beau Monde. As a result, he is lured to a rich clientele of the restaurants Club 55 and Voile Rouge. One of the “chips” at Nikki Beach – pouring champagne. Dancing on the edge of the pool, the hot girls and their friends sometimes washed by itself a couple of hundred of bottles of champagne. Often guests buy for this purpose are quite expensive variety, 300 or more euros per bottle.

The most popular night clubs such as “Gimmes” in Monaco and Cannes and the “Royal cave” in Saint Tropez, have become “icons” for those who wish glamorous fun. Entrance to Nightclubs is free but observed the strictest face control and dress code.

Nightclub Les Caves du Rois (“King’s cave”) is literally “Packed” celebrities and supermodels (and pilots of racing cars “Formula 1”). Look right: Kate moss. Left – Tara Reid. And who’s next?

Club Les Caves du Rois is located in the hotel Byblos on Avenue Paul Signac. But rest assured – the pleasure is not cheap. If you want a table for two on the dance floor, he will cost you together with a bottle of Cristal champagne not less than 1600 euros. And you should not feel shocked because at the next table had taken possession of Bono from U2. And how many more celebrities “hanging out” around you. Just all dressed up and glamorous. By nightfall, guests will start dancing on tables and platforms. Guests will pick up this glamorous Orgy of positivity. And one “heavenly” day turns into another.

The French Riviera is not just a place on a map, but a beautiful dream that can turn into a lifestyle. If You want to be part of this vibrant series of events and are You interested in snow-white villas, luxury hotels, luxury apartments, give us a call.

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