Very unusual hotel in a marine style: Stora Hotellet in umeå (Sweden)

Have you ever wanted to feel like a captain? Maybe you would be more interesting to feel like a real sea pirate? Whatever you choose, for this you do not need to go on a cruise in the ocean, because to plunge into marine atmosphere it is possible and without leaving the solid ground under his feet – enough to stay in an unusual hotel “Stora Hotellet” which is located in the Swedish city of umeå.

The hotel, the decoration of which is immediately visible to a nautical theme, housed in a heritage building built in 1895. Once in the house, too, was the hotel known fact that often hosted personalities of high society, including royalty. Representatives of the local elite vacationed here side by side with ordinary seamen, and such a rich heritage could not help but find the display a modern interpretation of the design.

The hotel “Stora Hotellet” did the designers of the architectural Bureau Stylt Trampoli who have tried to preserve and highlight the many original features still finishing the building. Thanks to the work of professionals, the hotel is perfectly preserved industrial and Maritime nature of the design, reinforced precious Antiques and pearls.

The hotel complex is quite large – it has 82 rooms, divided into six categories. Everyone will find here something for themselves – whether it is a luxurious apartment Suite, room comfortibility sailor or compact bed in a cheap room.

Special mention deserves the restaurant – pub “Gottards”, named after the first owner of the building. Eventful history of the hotel became the inspiration for the creators of the menu – every dish here is a symbiosis of unique ingredients, traditions of the region and the influence of overseas cultures.

Dear velvet and marine canvas, marine motifs in the paintings, the wooden planks somehow stuffed under the stairs, and brass ferrules on the railing – in this unimaginable way hotel combines luxury and simplicity. All rooms look stylish and harmonious, like shifting the imagination of visitors in the distant past, filled with exciting sea stories.

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