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The capital of Bavaria a popular tourist destination not only in the days of the legendary Oktoberfest beer festival: summer people come here to lie on the emerald grass and before nightfall to wander through the maze of green manicured English garden, in the winter go to enjoy festive fairs in medieval scenery and purchased clothing in a luxurious shopping centers, spring here is extremely pleasant to walk around the Baroque Palace and Park ensembles of the University and flourishing neighborhoods, and in rainy season it is best to spend time in the chic museums, priceless paintings of great European masters. Throughout the year hotels in Munich though not crowded, but close to that, so what about finding a suitable option is better to think in advance.

Where to stay in Munich

Let the real estate in Munich and is considered the most expensive in Germany, in the city you can find not only luxury accommodation steps away from Marienplatz in the heart of the pedestrian zone of the Old town with view on turrets of the Old or the New city Hall, but it is a budget family hotel in a quiet area in the southern part of the city or merry hostels with rooms for 8 or 12 people in the vicinity of the main train station.

Housing in the historic center does not seem to be the most economical option, however the ability to use objectenumerator not only saves time and money, but also will make your trip more intense, because every day will be able to “accommodate” more attractions. On the other hand, if you are in town for the first time or here on business, the reasonable choice would be hotels and apartments in little developed tourist areas: Westende, Schwabing and Sendling.

Those travelers who do not plan to stay long in Munich and dream of cozy villages with well-developed ski infrastructure in the Alpine foothills, on a trip to tiny towns of Bavaria or about excursion to the fairytale castle Noisivision, it makes sense to stay in a hotel next to the giant airport named after Franz Josef Strauss.

When to come

If you like beer with a delicious German sausages and pretzels, is not averse to a ride on the carousel and participate in a traditional Bavarian dance, the answer is obvious: in Munich you need to go to the middle of September – beginning of October, when on the large Theresienwiese, the colorful tents, the rides and the tents lush smiling ladies in old-fashioned Bavarian costumes spread foamy drink in massive glasses. Unfortunately, housing prices are sensitive to the increased number of tourists, so wanting to save money is to refrain from trips to Munich in the autumn months. Not the best choice would be and the new year period, when there are no people wanting to join the Christmas tale.

Service Skyscanner comes to the rescue of those travellers who want to quickly and easily find the best hotels, the most affordable hostels and the most exclusive apartments in Munich and stay.

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