Hotel chains
Hotel chains hotel chains all over the world The hotel chain has entangled the whole world recently: first networks began to emerge and develop in America in the 30th years…

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Unusual hotels of the world
The hotel "Barking dog" (Dog Bark Park Inn). The basis of travel in America on a family car are stopping at a roadside so-called "traps for unassuming tourists". So if…

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Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the world
There are hotels in the world, where is almost impossible to get ordinary mortals. They are magnificent rooms, presidential suites and luxury which is amazing, and the price for 1…

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Rest on lake Baikal in summer and winter

Legendary hotel “Irkutsk” (former “Intourist”) celebrates its 35th anniversary

In 2014, the legendary hotel “Irkutsk” (former “Intourist”) celebrates its 35th anniversary. By its anniversary the hotel “Irkutsk” came in a new way, with updated rooms that meet the highest standards of hospitality. To evaluate a new level of comfort in the hotel “Irkutsk” and to see all the changes the big companies have been April 22. As part of the business of the tour, guests were able not only to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the hotel and novelties of the season during the presentation, which was held in the conference hall, but also to visit in all room categories and personally test them. At the reception, which was held after the tour, all guests noted the high level of comfort hotel rooms, interesting design solutions, which were used in the design of rooms and pricing policy of the hotel.

The Director of the hotel “Irkutsk” Oksana Sherstyannikova, in turn, spoke about plans for 2014 – 2015. She noted that in 2015 the hotel “Irkutsk” is going to be classified and confirm the level of 3 star hotel. Preparation classification began in 2011, when the hotel began a large-scale modernization of the inventory. For the hotel concept has been developed, which was attended by tour operators from Italy,Spain, England. To include new design, which is based on ethnic elements.

Also Oksana Sherstyannikova noted that the jubilee year will be remembered for the hotel “Irkutsk” millionth guest, who, by estimates, will arrive at the hotel in may – June, and landing at the hotel jubilee Avenue from 35 trees.

We will remind, act of taking into use of the building was signed on 31 December 1978, and the first tourists set in her February 17, 1979. This gave and became the official birthday of. The hotel “Irkutsk” is one of the most iconic buildings of the Irkutsk Soviet times – is part of the Group of companies “Eastland”. Each year the hotel “Irkutsk” is visited by over 10 thousand visitors from different corners of the world: from Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Japan, Poland, China and Spain. Including good tradition of the meeting of the special trains with foreign tourists who are traveling on the TRANS-Siberian railway and always stay at the hotel “Irkutsk”. The hotel “Irkutsk” annually stop famous politicians, artists and representatives of the business elite. Among them Alisa Freundlich, Dmitry Haratyan, Roman Kartsev, Vyacheslav Butusov, Philip Kirkorov, Yevgeny Grishkovets, Irina Khakamada and former Prime Minister of Japan Isiro Mori, President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company Scott Ahn, Konstantin Raikin and many others.