Design Hotel Annas: ancient life in a new way

To a place “Annas” will have to get on a bumpy, bumpy road. All the attention will be switched to the bottomless pit, and the surrounding scenery will pass by not noticed. Lovers of photography should not run out and try to shoot a fat domestic geese. They are not on the bird’s stupidity blithely stroll in the middle of the roadway in the bushes vigilantly guarding their are some rabid dog, and the slightest attempt to get closer to the feathered Pets can end in tears.

Most of the way you take on a familiar route Riga – Sigulda, and for the last dozen kilometrow from Augšlīgatne – a hundred times regret to my long-suffering car. Well, when you decide that you finally lost your way – you will grow white columns and huge Windows Windows. This Annas Design Hotel & Spa .

The hotel is not in vain in the top ten best design hotels in Europe! In the 18th century, the mistress of the beautiful mansion became lady Sarah Eleanor Fermor, who received such an expensive gift from the Russian Empress Elisabeth. But over the years a magnificent gift kicked the bucket and from the entire ensemble, leaving only the barn. Its something a few years ago and redrew in a famous hotel.

Seats retro interior diluted the original and quite modern with distinctive design features: glass shower walls, restaurant lamps in the form of an inverted mugs and nearby antique secretaire filled with ink – you can write a wish or leave a message to future generations.

The hotel boasts an excellent taste of the designer. Absolute tandem furniture with a touch of antiquity and chrome-plated door handles, taps and tables.

A small room can be viewed endlessly and to seek out interesting items. For example, the idea of blinds linen curtains can take note of the owners of country cottages and hopeless romantics to test “freedom of manners”. There is something damn compelling to watch as the second half started to make up behind the transparent wall.

Even the standard rooms are furnished with stylish and luxury apartment is a self – conquered soul! Two floors in which the upper is the attic, a vintage tub carved legs, huge Windows, hidden behind air curtains, and a small window under the roof, solid oak cabinets and neat bed of solid boards – truly a child’s delight!

And no veneer is pure wood, which gives a wild perfume. But with the arrival of frost with heat in the rooms can be a bit of a bind. Bring a warm socks, still both floors are not always well warmed by a pair of radiators.

If we get this far, it is possible to examine every nook. We found, for example, that in Annas Hotel is a great choice of Spa treatments, from massages to pregnant women to anti-aging treatments. By the way, unlike most salons, the master does not leave the “victim” with a mask on your face for half an hour to listen to music alone. While the skin absorbs useful minerals, the beautician makes a gentle massage of the hands and feet.

But the pool is liked by only those who are properly warmed in the baths. Cold water does not get into a winter mood and a swim it was decided to replace the tub and tea in the lounge chairs. And in this case, snowy evening in very handy! While you soak after the procedure, feet away from you flakes snowing and howling Blizzard. Feeling really fantastic!

And a few words about the restaurant “Kannas”. The hotel management made the wise decision not to hit the guests with a huge menu and focus on quality. A modest list of dishes fit on one sheet, but has a “feature” – every day the chef replaces the dish some novelty. Moreover, almost all products are bought at neighborhood farms and such careful selection of ingredients is especially evident in a seasonal menu. By the way, there is a good wine list and very tender steak.

Summer here is bliss! So in warm days the nearby parks are filled newlyweds – the best place for a festive atmosphere difficult to find.

Lovers of Hiking, I hasten to warn – now promenade around the hotel is a dubious pleasure. Constrained look quite bleak ice of the lake with a light wind, black silhouettes leap, dilapidated skeletons of old buildings, yawning dropped frames, and deserted courtyards of neighboring houses.

Instead of Jogging in the estate, better like old George Bernard Shaw, to sit next to the fireplace, rocking in a rocking chair or browse books, bask in the sauna, try your hand at calligraphy and enjoy a coffee with a proprietary cookies “Annas”. By the way, they carefully will give you on the road.

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