Unusual hotels

Unusual hotels in the UAE: a vacation that is memorable

Modern tourists is not enough just to see the sights of the United Arab Emirates and enjoy the warm sun, the delicate beach and good shopping. They want more and the stunning hotels in which life is like a fairy tale.

Designer hotels in the UAE is very common. Large influx of tourists makes the owners ischislyaetsya. to hire famous designers and come up with something from which can not refuse the lovers of all things new. For example, in the near future in this Eastern country is planning to build an underwater hotel. And while he is only in the project, learn the most unusual hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Design hotels Abu Dhabi – this is primarily a hotel “THE YAS HOTEL” . This five star hotel is designed in a futuristic style and reminds of the spaceship from the movie “the Fifth element”. The hotel is located partly on land and partly over water. The rooms are decorated in a postmodern style, with unique lighting, carrying you as if on another planet.

In the popular resort of Abu Dhabi is located the hotel “SHANGRI-LA HOTEL” . This is a true Arabian Palace, where everyone can feel like a Aladdin or Princess Jasmine. Luxury apartment in Oriental style, Windows facing the Strait in Abu Dhabi, is a real Arabic fairy tale.

Design hotels in Abu Dhabi– real masterpieces of architectural art. It is impossible to ignore the “falling” of the hotel “Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi” . The slope of the building, amounting to 18 degrees, creates the illusion that he was about to fall. Of course, no fall is not expected, because the design of the hotel was created by the best architects in the world. “Dangerous” hotel with views of the Arabian Gulf is extremely popular with tourists. It is also different luxury accommodation and incredible views.

In Dubai, designer hotels are also dazzling. The first is the business card of the city – the hotel “Burj Al Arab” . the building is designed in the shape of the sail. Rooms with views of the Arabian Gulf designed in magnificent Arabic style. Particularly attracts tourists, the hotel’s restaurant “the Oyster Shell” . which walls are the most genuine aquarium with fish.

If you want to feel like a real Bedouin – visit the hotel “Al Maha Desert Resort” . located in Dubai. Comfortable accommodation under tents, a desert with camels outside the window, the ethnic interior of the rooms. All this will help to feel the atmosphere of ancient times and enjoy the quiet.

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