Unusual hotels of the world

If we reflect on where we rest? Whether it’s a simple room in a modest hotel or luxury apartment? Maybe it will be a private Lodge with all the amenities? But for some, the rest is and get positive emotions, by staying in an unusual place. Your attention will be presented several unusual hotels.

“Aurora Ice Museum”. It is located in Alaska and built by Steve Bryce (champion cutting shapes). There is a huge ice Palace, its developed infrastructure, there are shops and a small Church. The hotel is the ice bar where even the glasses are made exclusively of ice. To services of tourists are presented a hot spring bath. This amazing hotel with 4 bedrooms (the room has a TV, mini-bar). The price: 3 days and 3 nights for one person about $ 2,100. If the room will accommodate 2 people or more, the price is 1800.e. for a living.

“Artemisia 3*”. Unique hotel for women, located in the Western part of Berlin. The input is strictly forbidden men! The owner of respectively a woman who came up with this hotel to help the beautiful half of humanity to rest from trouble. “Artemisia” is located in a historic building. Only 19 rooms where you can see pictures of famous ladies (and pictures are written exclusively by women). Here are the exhibition. Approximate cost – from 2200 robleza 1 night.

“Ariau Amazon Towers 3*”. Did you ever get to your room on suspension bridge? If you are afraid of heights, then this hotel is not for you, but thrill seekers must try! The rooms are huge trees, which reach heights of over 60 meters, plus the animals of these forests is very active. After departure visitors will receive a certificate that they lived in extreme conditions. Here you can soak up in the pool, literally hovering above the ground.

“Airstream”. Retro hotel in the style of 50-ies of America. The rooms here are small vans with black and white televisions, private gardens with colorful hammocks. It’s nice to relax with a glass of beer in the glass through which you view the wonderful nature. One of the vans is the bar “Apollo Lounge”, where you can relax with a small company. Lovers of peace, will enjoy watching old movies under the open sky.

“Capsule Hotel”. The Japanese are well known for its innovations. And here they are quite unusual for a us hotel. This room is capsule-like. Quite unusual, isn’t it? Designed for people who missed the train or was delayed in a bar. The people of these rooms was called “the coffin of improved design”, because in this baby you can find TV, air conditioning and an alarm clock. When you check in at reception you get a set of clothes. You pass in your safe and on your wrist you will show off tag with your room placement. Cost night around $ 40.

“Red Stars”. Three-star hotel, positioning itself as a hotel of business class. Here all is thought over to trifles. On the walls adorned with numerous graffiti made quite professionally. It offers 54 spacious rooms. Price from 4500 p. a Big plus is the free Parking.

Unusual hotels of the world
If we reflect on where we rest? Whether it's a simple room in a modest hotel or luxury apartment? Maybe it will be a private Lodge with all the amenities?…

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