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Most unusual hotels in Sweden

Some of the most unusual hotels in the world, oddly enough, are in the territory of one country. And this country is Sweden. They are all very different from each other in terms of design, comfort and originality.

Tree Hotel (Harads, Lapland) – Hotel tree

Harads Tree Hotel is a unique and stunning creations of leading designers and architects in Scandinavia. This fun and unique concept has caused a sensation worldwide and made changes in modern design. The hotel is on the tree opened its doors to guests in 2010. In it only 6 rooms. Each room differs in design and shape but all are created in harmony with nature. The guests fall asleep, wrapped in the smell of the forest under the rustling leaves in the wind. And in the morning wakes them up to the birds singing.

Icehotel (Kiruna, Lapland) – ICEHOTEL

The ice hotel in Northern Sweden one of a kind. It is the world’s largest hotel made from snow and ice. It is located on an area of over 5500 square meters and has 60 rooms. The temperature inside the hotel never drops below -5 degrees, no matter what the temperature outside. To live in this hotel must be dressed in warm thermal underwear, a hat, and wrap yourself in a cozy sleeping bag. In the morning You will Wake up with a Cup of lingonberry juice by the bed. Breakfast and sauna are also included in the price.The hotel is open from December 10 to 18 April – the best time to enjoy the Northern Lights.

Utter Inn (Västerås)

Utter Inn is an underwater hotel located in lake Mälaren 60 miles from Stockholm. The hotel consists of two parts – the floating bridge and the unique underwater room where 2 persons can stay overnight. The floating bridge is made in the style of a traditional Swedish red-and-white farm. It also includes a deck on which you can bask in the sun and a boat to explore the Islands nearby. At nightfall you can go down to the bedroom with panoramic Windows on all 4 sides. The room is located at a depth of 3 meters underwater. It is a strange feeling to fall asleep surrounded by fish and underwater world, guarding your sleep. You can imagine yourself in an aquarium, only fish will swim around You.

Room Silver Mine (Sala)

Hotel “Silver mine” is the deepest hotel in the world. It is located at a depth of 150 meters below ground. The company Sala SilverMine AB owns the mine and the land around it. This hotel is part of a pilot project of Sweden for the development of tourism in the country. Each year, about 36 000 local and foreign tourists come to see the sights and take a fascinating journey beneath the earth.

The cost of accommodation in the hotel includes a guided tour of the mine, a basket with a picnic and Breakfast. We need to make sure to take warm clothing as the temperature in the mine below ground does not exceed +2 degrees all year round. But in the room the air warmed up to +18 degrees and the bed has many warm blankets.

On arrival You descend into the mine and spend a tour, showing all the winding corridors and passageways of the dungeon. Then the guide leaves You and You can enjoy the underground world of their own. One of the staff is under the ground constantly and You can contact him if necessary by means of internal radio. Mobile communication in the mine is not working. In the morning a Breakfast, and then You raise to the surface of the earth.