The most expensive hotels in the world

The rest is the main component of the life of any person. Some people prefer to holiday abroad, well, other prefer Russian ski resorts. The majority of tourists and holidaymakers staying in hotels, which are measured in stars. The most expensive hotels in the world – is five-star hotels. The most expensive hotels in the world include President Wilson Hotel located in Geneva. To spend the night in this classy hotel, need to pay 65,000 dollars. Not less expensive hotel Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Night in a luxurious room, in which there is a rotating bed, a swimming pool, personal Butler, worth 40 thousand dollars. Only 34 thousand dollars will be required to pay for a one-night stay in the penthouse Four Seasons Hotel in new York.

President Wilson Hotel

The most luxurious hotels in the world are located in various parts of the world. For example, this furor has made the hotel Burj al Arab, located in Dubai. This hotel has the standard rooms here are suites, there was a total of 202. Not less magnificent is considered to be the Paris Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, where the interior is simply amazing in its grace and beauty. The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the dream of any tourist puteshestvennika. If we talk about the most luxurious hotels in the world, it is important to mention Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, located in Florence. This hotel is located in 2 historic buildings from the 15th and 18th centuries, it is spread around century Park. The hotel is truly gorgeous, simply amazing with its magnificence and uniqueness. There are 117 rooms of different categories, and each of the rooms has its own individual interior. Each room at hotel is equipped with all necessary communications, so staying here, none of the guest will not be in any need.

Burj Al Arab

Undoubtedly, tourists and lovers of beautiful and comfortable rest choose the best hotels are. Today around the world are many, for example, an incredibly beautiful hotel is located in Shanghai and is called Park Hyatt. This hotel is also considered the highest in the world. Amazingly beautiful hotel, designed in the Baroque style, is located in Prague. This hotel is called Aria and is classified as a luxury. Each room has a relaxing atmosphere, allowing guests to have a good rest. The status of the best hotels are, without doubt, can be attributed to the Dusit Thani Laguna in Thailand. It is located on a lagoon with fresh water and is one of the favorites of the very best hotels. One of the best is also considered to be the Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste, Italy. The hotel has 142 rooms, all of them are made in classic style. Without exception, all rooms are equipped with all necessary utilities for a comfortable stay. From the Windows guests can see the amazing beauty of the Gulf of Trieste.

Neighboring countries can also boast of costly and luxury hotels. For example, the most expensive hotels of Turkey are in Istanbul is the hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace, which was built in the XVI century. Its design combines two styles – Baroque and modern style. The cost spent the night in the most expensive room will cost 7, 5 thousand dollars. Another expensive hotel of Turkey is considered Savoia Excelsior Palace hotel in Belek. This hotel complex also recognized the most expensive in the whole Mediterranean. Staying here, guests can plunge into the world of real wealth and refinement. The most luxury hotels of Turkey are located throughout the country. The most notable is Voyage Belek 5*, located in Belek.

Savoia Excelsior Palace

Consists of several buildings five floors and 12 bungalows. Also on site is a water Park with a swimming pool that allows the entire family to relax. Still one of the most luxurious hotels is the Mardan Palace hotel 5* in Antalya. The territory of the hotel complex is huge, there is a large swimming pool with spread out above him the bridge, which is called the Da Vinci bridge. The availability of 10 restaurants offering visitors cuisine of the various countries, will not leave hungry or one person.

Our country is no different from any other and here too there are many beautiful hotels that differ in luxury, elegance, price. The status of the most expensive hotels of Moscow deserve the luxurious hotels, the Lotte Hotel Moscow, the Ritz-Carlton, Radisson Royal. Lotte Hotel Moscow is located in the heart of the city, has three hundred rooms and offers a high quality service, attentive staff, delicious food and varied entertainment.

Lotte Hotel Moscow

The Ritz-Carlton, situated close to the Kremlin and offers comfortable rooms, luxurious amenities, plenty of restaurants offering dishes from different countries of the world. The hotel has its own special uniqueness and sophistication.

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