Japanese hotel

Japanese hotel with good haunted burnt to a crisp

The hotel in Iwate Prefecture, is famous because it was inexplicable from a scientific point of view the phenomena and the house appeared, bringing happiness to those who saw him, was completely burnt.

Two-storey hotel-Ryokan “Recupero” with a total area of 2500 square meters, which is located at the hot springs of Kindaichi in Iwate Prefecture, was completely burnt in the night from Sunday to Monday. At the time of the fire in the hotel there were 30 guests. One of them received minor injuries by leaping from the second floor.

The hotel is over 300 years old were famous “house with the good ghosts.” The most famous and beloved of unusual residents of was “zashiki warashi” the house – elf, which according to Japanese beliefs take the form of a child. “Zashiki warashi” often can see innocent souls – children up to 7-8 years. It is believed that he protects children and brings happiness.

The hotel was the room where good brownie appeared tea. Even adult guests staying in it, very likely could see him. The room that is chosen by the house, was literally littered with toys.

In order to be able to spend the night with the family, which brings happiness, turns on broneerides to wait two or three years. So, the last guests rooms – a group of 14 people – admitted that he had booked it three years ago. There are countless legends and stories of eyewitnesses about the success and happiness that came to the guests of the hotel.

In addition to a house, in the hotel we heard the baby melodies, performed on toy musical instruments, you could see a strange glow and other unusual phenomena.

According to firefighters, the fire occurred in the boiler room, out the fire immediately spread on three hundred year old wooden building.

According to the beliefs of the Japanese house, which was chosen by a good Ghost, is destroyed once for some reason leaves his house.

And in the spring of forty-year-old Japanese man set fire to his own hotel. to avoid the wedding. Late night he entered the territory of the hotel and spilling on the ground floor of seven liters of gasoline, carried out arson. It was here the next day was to be his own wedding ceremony.

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