Unusual hotels of the world

The hotel “Barking dog” (Dog Bark Park Inn).

The basis of travel in America on a family car are stopping at a roadside so-called “traps for unassuming tourists”. So if you will pass through the town of Cottonwood, Idaho, USA, will certainly stop in the “Dog Bark Park Inn” hotel type “bed & Breakfast” inside the world’s largest dog breed Beagle. This two-story wooden building constructed in the form of a dog. Guests enter the dog’s body, getting to the second floor via a small flight of stairs. Inside you can climb one more level to the dog’s head, where there is a loft with an extra bed. In “the face” of the dog you will be able to relax in a cozy alcove. This extraordinary hotel offers you quite simple living conditions, which included Breakfast. Fortunately, dog food here for Breakfast is not served. As a souvenir of a long memory you can buy carved wooden figures of dogs, available in a wide range in the gift shop “Carving”.

The hotel “Woodlyn Park” in New Zealand.

This building represents an eclectic combination of very peculiar areas to stay overnight. For example, you can spend the night in a cargo plane 50-ies, which, as they say, was the last aircraft of the army of the allies, who had left Vietnam. You takumiya to jump in a renovated railway carriage where will be enough space to accommodate six guests. Or possible a very interesting version of underground house in the County of Bilbo Baggins where you will feel like a real hobbit. A novelty at “Woodlyn Park” is “Waitanic”, converted to a patrol boat of the Second World War.

Hemp hotel in Amsterdam.

The name of the hotel indicates that cannabis is the main topic of decor. The hotel has five rooms, where things are placed, without the content of tetrahydrocannabinol, the narcotic chemical compounds. The curtains, linens, soap, shampoo, and even Breakfast, everything here is made of hemp. In the night bar “Hemple Temple” serve hemp ice cream, grains of hemp and a dozen different varieties of hemp beer. Definitely go to Amsterdam!

Hotel in the trees in India.

Eco-friendly hotel “Safari-Land Farm” is located in the heart of wildlife “Mudumalai” 30 km from the world-famous elevation on which the city of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India. Staying at this hotel, you will be able to appreciate the amazing and breathtaking view that opens up before you. Welcome to the hotel “Safari-Land” where guests create a warm and friendly atmosphere. You’ll be amazed by the purity and freshness, outdoor areas, lush green forests, mild climate, clean sources, the diversity of wild flora and fauna. For example, the Indian elephants, tigers, bears, deer, exotic birds. Immerse yourself in the environment of the country in the full sense of the word is created and stored “God”.

The hotel “Safari Land” offers to experience an unforgettable adventure in amazing land, affecting its natural beauty. You can watch the impressive jungle trekking Indian tigers and elephants. You will certainly get true pleasure from the virgin nature of the reserve. Dense jungles, vast mountains, wildlife and all this is the largest forest area in Southeast Asia.

The prison hotel in Germany.

It’s funny to spend the night in jail? Then Your attention the hotel “Alcatraz” in the West of Germany in Kaiserslautern. A former prison, converted into a hotel, gives visitors the chance to feel what its like to be behind bars, but with the ability at any time to leave.

The hotel “Alcatraz” was opened in may 2007 in the building, a former prison from 1867. Today it offers its guests 57 rooms, where there are original carcinia beds, bars and bar counters instead of holes in the heavy steel door for food trays. The Windows at the lattice and the appearance of prison buildings also preserved. The rooms look like prison cells, restrooms are here in the room. In a special atmosphere such hotel you will experience true adventure. Guests can sleep in a specially prepared prison pajamas with embroidered names on them.

The hotel is on the plane in Stockholm

Next time you’re at the international airport Arlanda in Stockholm, before you climb aboard their aircraft, spend the night in another plane. At the airport there is the old Boeing 747 converted into a hotel called the “Jumbo Hostel”.

The hotel “Jumbo Hostel” in the main room with multiple beds (hence the word “hostel” in the name of the hotel). The rooms have two, three or four beds, and the room, you notice, very cozy. Triple room, for example, covers an area of 6 by 3 square meters. Such a small space, of course, can not be compared with normal hotel room. However, it can be compared with passenger seat economy class in the liner. The hotel also offers private double rooms. All rooms have LCD TV and access to wireless Internet, shower and toilet are shared.

If you want a room in the “Jumbo Hostel” with a private, you should pay attention to the most interesting room in the crew cabin, which is the control panel of the plane (now, of course, not valid), and a sliding cover of the present manhole at the top of the cab that you can open and stick his head out of the plane.

“Jumbo Hostel” is a 15-minute walk from the terminals, you can get there also by free Shuttle bus. The reception of the hotel works round the clock. Employees at the “Jumbo Hostel” dressed in a form representing a combination of the shape of a flight attendant and a naval officer. The price for accommodation according to Swedish standards it is quite acceptable, visitors can enjoy discounts. It also features a small cafe where you will find yourself in the friendly atmosphere that is perfect for stories jokes about food in planes.

Unusual hotels of the world
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