Luxury hotels on the water

There are many reasons why floating hotels are more popular these days. Some even claim that the floating hotel is the only possible resort of the future. Global warming has caused the rising levels of the seas, consequently vacation on the water can be a solution to the problem. All luxury hotels in this list are absolutely environmentally friendly. This fact is proved, because they are constructed from recycled materials and powered by renewable energy Ah. However, ekologichnost is not the main advantage of these floating hotels. They make Your holiday more amazing than anywhere else. Ten places in this list are the most expensive hotels on the water, providing an extraordinary experience to its guests.

King Pacific in Canada

The luxurious King Pacific Lodge is located near the Great Bear rainforest in Canada. This is a hotel with 17 rooms, accessible only by seaplane. The resort is located on a floating barge and offers and offers all the comfortable amenities to its guests. Many delectable delicacies and seafood in a luxurious restaurant, massage in the Japanese style, and other entertainment. On the deck You can enjoy the tranquility of the water and the observation of wild animals and fish. Three nociv one of the rooms will cost 4,900 US dollars per person

World Reef Australia

ReefWorld is considered to be the first Eco-friendly floating hotel in the world, hence it has become extremely well-known destination for tourists visiting Australia. The resort uses renewable and energy, such as Solar panels, underwater generators charging a small current, and the turbine. Reef World is located two hours by boat from the mainland, enabling its residents to enjoy wonderful views of the Great Barrier reef. Colorful clown fish, corals, turtles and many varieties of exotic marine flora and fauna can be found in these places. The semi is also available not knowing how to swim, to enjoy the view of the ocean waters at depth. Undersea observation room offers fantastic views of the water world, and the average cost of stay is 620 Australian dollars a night.

Oberoi Udai in India

The hotel Oberoi Udai, known as the Lake Palace, is situated in the historic land of India and provides a luxurious experience to its residents. Your rooms will help to explore the intricate beauty of its architecture. The hotel floats on the waters of the Lake Pichola. Great fountains and lavish courtyards greet guests at this historic hotel on the water. Internal space provides an amazing experience, enjoy a stay at the Royal Palace. All apartments in this hotel have private pools. Delicious Indian food is also available at the three restaurants.

Aerootel and Hanging Gardens

It is unique in the sense that it’s a portable hotel. The Aerohotel can be installed anywhere where there is some water in order to swim. The project was created by Russian architect Alexander Asadov and looks like it flew out of the pages of a science fiction novel. The hotel has everything You can dream of. Its uniqueness – the reason why this hotel is included in this list. The Aerohotel is not floating on the surface it is mounted on stands above the water, not harming the wildlife below.

Conrad Maldives

This is another amazing hotel where residents can choose between fifty beautiful water villas. This hotel is connected to the mainland via seaplane, delivering its residents the luxury accommodation. The most luxurious Villa of the hotel – Deluxe Water, covers an area of 115 square meters. This ocean resort has everything, including a modern high-tech charm. This glass underwater restaurant, and 21 water Villa with additional service options.

Floating tower in Dubai

Dubai now becomes a commercial attraction for rich people all over the world. Therefore, building new attractions for tourists. In addition to the legendary Burj Dubai and the underwater hotel, was also built floating Rotating Tower. This tower hotel consists of 25 floors above sea level near the shores of Dubai. Its underwater part only goes down to 6 feet, making an amazing architectural wonder unique. Every minute the tower rotates by one degree so that all guests could enjoy different views.

Dragon Inn in Malaysia

Dragon Inn floating resort, located within Malaysia. It offers accommodation in a room on stilts in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Water villas are palm-thatched, and the walls are lined with bamboo. These rooms are VIP made for people who can afford the luxury. Created in the style of chalets, they offer brilliant views of the surrounding ocean water. Delicious dishes are also available in the hotel restaurants, offering freshly caught seafood.

Bora Bora Lagoon

Bora Bora is the capital of exotic destinations for travel. The resort Lagoon is one of the loveliest floating resorts in the world. It includes 44 water bungalows, providing views of the beautiful ocean water, along with a large Mount Otemanu 2,385 feet high. People can enjoy many water sports at the hotel. The resort is known for providing many services to the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Punta Caracol in Panama

This floating hotel offers a rich adventure holidays for You and Your family. It is an excellent base for Hiking in the rainforest, swimming with dolphins, bezdelnitsa on the beaches of the Caribbean and other amusements. Six Aqua houses resemble cabins with roofs of palm leaves. The resort is made entirely environmentally friendly. Bamboo, along with local wood and plants are used in the construction of this beautiful resort. Double room in this hotel will cost You 578 USD.

Soneva Gili in the Maldives

The resort Soneva Gili by Six Senses is located near male, the capital of Maldives. The 15-minute boat ride will bring You into this luxurious hotel, ranking among the best resorts in the Maldives. 40 villas available and built using recycled materials. Roof, hot tubs, decks and many entertainment centres add to the appeal of the hotel. Six Senses Spa in the hotel on the water also offers plenty of exotic treatments.

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