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Hotel chains hotel chains all over the world

The hotel chain has entangled the whole world recently: first networks began to emerge and develop in America in the 30th years of the XX century. The oldest and most famous network brand, which became in 1949 the international is Hilton Hotels. It is to its founder Conrad Hilton came up with the idea to turn hotels into a kind network of restaurants, providing a standard set of services of known quality. In addition, Hilton came up with to put on the hotels of the stars denoting the class of. Now every fourth hotel in the world owned by a hotel chain . The popularity of chain hotels is clear: a well-known brand is a guarantee of reliability, comfort and high quality service. Being in an unfamiliar city, you find a familiar hotel brand as an old friend. The hotel gives the traveler the confidence that having one in a hotel network, he knows exactly what awaits him in the other: what he pays in what conditions will live and what services he will be offered the staff. Major world networks belong to more than 35000 hotels around the globe: more than 200 of them are in Russia.

Hotel chains of Russia

Hotel chains appeared in Russia recently, but managed to win the respect and confidence of travellers: as the Western network, the Russian network of hotels delaytable on the same high standards of service and creating a unique and recognizable corporate style. The largest network of hotels in Russia is the AZIMUT Hotels (Azimut): the network has entered the market in 2004, and in 2011 the room Fund of the hotels of Azimut in Russia and Europe amounted to 5,500 units. Popular international hotel brand HELIOPARK Hotels & Resorts (the hotel) has 18 hotels of 3-4 stars. In the network AMAKS Grand Hotels (Amax) are more than 20 hotels and resorts in Russia and Belarus. The oldest Russian network is the Best Eastern Hotels (best Eastern): it was founded in 1998. Today, this brand has some 800 hotels in Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic. Under the wing of the management company Intourist Hotel Group (Intourist hotel group) are hotels of 3-5 stars in different regions of Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Turkey.

Network of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg

The popularity of mini-hotels in the world grows: small hotels are able to provide coziness, comfort, quality service and a personal approach to each client – and all this at an affordable price. Another advantage of mini hotels of St. Petersburg is its location: most hotels are located in the heart of the city, near the famous monuments and sights.

Hotel brands around the world

The names of the largest international hotel chains known even to those who never at them stopped. The largest hotel chain is Best Western (best Western): it owns more than 4000 hotels of 3-4 stars in 100 countries. Popular chain of Holiday Inn (holiday Inn) offers more than 3700 hotels and takes into account the interests of all clients: those who wish to save, and those who are accustomed to the aristocratic rest. More than 1,500 hotels at Comfort Inn (Comfort Inn) in different cities around the world offer travelers the most important thing: a cozy and homely atmosphere, comfortable rooms and a full service at a reasonable cost.

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