Hotels near Gostiny Dvor in Moscow

Gostiny Dvor – without doubt the most prestigious exhibition platform of Moscow and then, of course, not only in proximity to the Kremlin, but also in historical significance. It is located just behind the building of the famous Moscow GUM Department store, between the streets Ilyinka and Varvarka. Trading people of this country have been living in Moscow for ages. Already since the XV century there was carried on a brisk trade, and at the beginning of the XVI century there appeared the first building of Gostiny Dvor, the former initially wooden. From that moment on, Gostiny Dvor was continuously grown with new buildings, it was burned down, rebuilt again, and by the end of the eighteenth century had already begun to occupy an entire block. The current appearance of the building on Ilyinka acquired in 1830. The original author of the project was the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi, however, the first project of Quarenghi, carried out by Moscow architects from 1789 to 1805, it was absolutely useless because, according to the documents of the time, the walls in some places the buildings vary in height and this was not the only drawback. Therefore, with the fire of 1812 arcade, you can say lucky. Restored the building after the fire in the best possible way, taking as a basis the project of Quarenghi, and adding in his own overschiestraat, the famous architect Osip Bove. However, with the advent of Soviet power, in spite of tradition, in 1923, Gostiny Dvor has changed its profile, ceasing to exist as a shopping complex, its square is filled public offices and institutions. The whole XX century the condition of the monument no one was watching, and at the end of the century the decay of the building of Gostiny Dvor began to be evident. From 1995 to 2000, was carried out extensive reconstruction carried out as when all of the unforgettable mountain-handyman Luzhkov, solely for the sake of commercial gain. As a result Moscow has been given a magnificent beauty and technical equipment, trade fair grounds, but lost another historical monument.

Today Gostiny Dvor is one of the most modern and glamorous of the business centers of Moscow. The total area is more than 80 thousand square meters. On the territory of modern Gostiny Dvor as a refuge for the many shops, restaurants, cafes, offices of large companies, including banks. The most spectacular innovation in the appearance of Gostiny Dvor was a huge transparent dome that covered the interior of the complex, which was located previously underneath the open sky. The atrium is now used for various cultural events, including: festivals, exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, etc. It should be noted that in the renovated Gostiny Dvor has managed to serve many international stars such as Montserrat Caballe and Jose Carreras.

Gostiny Dvor is located in the heart of Moscow in immediate proximity from the red square. Nearest metro station is Kitay-Gorod Kaluga-Riga line. Out of the subway into the city better through the lobby, located on Varvarka street, which to the guest house to walk about 400 meters.

In accordance with the formula: “the closer to the center, the more” characteristic of any city, all hotels situated near the arcade within walking distance, are the most expensive hotels of Moscow. One of the closest hotels you can allocate a five-star hotel Baltschug Kempinski. The plans of development of Gostiny Dvor is supposed to open your own hotel, directly at the trade fair grounds, but this in the future.

Hotels near Gostiny Dvor

1. Hotel Baltschug Kempinski

Distance to hotel: 0.5 km

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