The most unusual hotels in the world

Most modern tourists are tired of standard, boring, even elegant hotel rooms. They are not remembered, not engraved in the memory and leave no trace in the soul of those who live in such rooms. For those who crave to see something unusual, extraordinary, interesting and sometimes even strange, it is recommended to visit the hotel, which will be discussed in this article.

The hotel beacon, located in the UK. If you consider yourself to be passionate lovers of the era of smugglers and want to immerse yourself in this kind of atmosphere, you should visit the very interesting hotel – the lighthouse that was built way back in 1815 at Cape Cornwall in Scotland, and was initially the most common lighthouse. However, soon, in 1994, it was converted into a hotel, which is located only one hotel room.

The hotel jet is located at Costa Rica. This hotel is beautifully podoydya those who dream about the heavenly heights, even when he stands his feet on the ground. It is located near the state national Park “Manuel Antonio” and is a “Boeing 727”. which was released in 1965. He’s not stylish enough for many connoisseurs of modern luxury, but where else, living in a plane, your neighbors are toucans, monkeys and other tropical animals.

Hotel on the tree, located in Sweden. It’s not the house that caring parents built in the trees in my yard for children. He was a real piece of futuristic art, and this hotel is made of environmentally friendly materials. Of course, these hotels are in India, you can find them in Hawaii, but they clearly lose the Swedish version. Rooms in this hotel six, and each one is a separate house with its unique architecture and design ideas.

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