The most expensive hotels in Russia

A night in a Russian hotel cost twice as much in Greek or Hungarian

The highest hotel rates among European countries – in Russia, according to the research . A night in a Russian hotel cost twice as much in Greek or Hungarian.

As evidenced by the data service on-line reservation of more than 210 thousand hotels around the world , the year night at the hotel of the Russian Federation has risen in price by about 2% in the fourth quarter of last year cost € 147,25 (about 6 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). To stay at the hotels in Greece and Hungary it was possible for half the amount.

The rating service to be requested, the hotel prices in all the countries geographically belonging to Europe, and then was formed a list of the twenty most expensive States.

The average price of a night in a hotel room for this ranking of European countries in the fourth quarter was 101.2 Euro increased during the year by 2.3%. The study notes the trend towards stabilization of prices for hotel rooms in the world.

Hotel rates exceeding 100 euros per night, at the end of last year were recorded in nine European countries. So, guests in hotels Norway accommodation cost 146,16€, in Sweden overnight cost total of 133.9 Euro, in Switzerland – and 133.3 Euro, in Denmark – to 120.4 euros. It was not too favorable accommodation in hotels of great Britain (118,9 EUR) Finland (EUR 112,2), Belgium (108,1 euros) and France (104 euros).

Of Greece and Hungary, by contrast, delighted by the low price – to spend the night here it was possible for the Euro to 72.4 and 69.7 euros respectively. Thus, overnight in the hotels of these countries would cost twice cheaper than in Russia.

In addition, cheaper than 100 euros for the night in hotels of Italy (91,7 Euro), Austria (87,2 EUR), Portugal (83.6€), Turkey (80,7 Euro), Germany (80,6 EUR), Spain (80,1 EUR), Ireland (79.2 per Euro) and Poland (75,7 Euro).

The maximum annual price increase was recorded in Portugal (19.2% by the fourth quarter of 2009) and Turkey (11.6%).

Meanwhile, the most dramatic reduction in the cost of spending the night in the hotel occurred in the troubled countries of the Euro area – Greece (9%) and Ireland (7.9%). In addition, much more cheaper hotel night in Denmark – 7.3%.

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