5 designer hotels in the world
Hoteliers try to come up with all sorts of unique ways to attract tourists to their hotels, offering them an impeccable service, additional discounts, free accompaniment around the city and…

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La Residencia
Hotel La Residencia is located in the North-West coast of Mallorca in a romantic and beautiful village called Deia, which is considered the unofficial capital of the island. Here we…

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Castle hotels in Austria and the possibility of living in them
Castle hotel " dürnstein " Hotel Schloss Durnstein 5* - the Danube Valley Wachau is one of the most beautiful river valleys in Europe. This area is called the "cradle…

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The Chateau d’esclimont – Ile de France, France

Chateau d’esclimont

Chateau d’esclimont – the old castle-the 16th century located in the valley green valley Aclima, between Versailles and Chartres, 60 km South-West of Paris. The castle stands in the centre of the picturesque Park area of 60 hectares. It is surrounded by moats and is a magnificent example of architecture of the Renaissance. This romantic place is ideal for those who prefer a quiet holiday surrounded by idyllic nature. The castle was built in 1543 by Archbishop of tours, Etienne de Ponce. In 1580 it came into the possession of the Comte de Cheverny Philippe URALITA. In 1639, after the death of the last descendant of count de Cheverny, the castle is bought by Claude de bouillon, parliamentary adviser to king Henry IV. Before 1746, ownership of the castle belonged to the family of Bouillon, and in 1807 it passed into the hands of a family of Rosfoto. In 1981, its territory was sold to the Association Les Grandes Etapes Fran?aises, which incorporates several magnificent castles-hotels. For guests prepared 53 rooms and suites, decorated in a luxurious period style, embedded in the walls of several buildings – the castle, the Trophy pavilion, the pavilion of Trianon and the Watchtower. The hotel has a restaurant serving classic frantsuzskikh, two dining rooms, a wine cellar with over 350 wines, outdoor heated pool, two tennis court and 9 meeting rooms for business events and receptions. In a Park with a lovely pond where you can go boating and Biking, and in the direct surroundings, including horse riding, fishing, and take a tour by helicopter or hot air balloon.

The hotel is located in a small green valley between the château de Versailles and the Cathedral in Chartres, 60 miles South-West of Paris. Train station of Rambouillet -17 km, Orly airport – 50 km, airport Charles de Gaulle airport is 80 km away.

Nearby tourist attractions: Chateau de Rambouillet (Rambouillet) – 18 km, castle Manteno (Maintenon) – 15 km, castle savage (Sauvage) – 8 km, castle Versailles (Versailles) – 50 km, Chartres (Chartres): the Cathedral and the international stained-glass centre is 18 km away.

The hotel contains 53 rooms, including 6 suites. All rooms are located in the walls of several buildings – the castle, the Trophy pavilion, the pavilion of Trianon and the Watchtower. All rooms are equipped with many modern amenities, including satellite TV, Internet access and Minibar.