12 cool and unusual hotels in France – from Paris to Bordeaux

France is known worldwide thanks to a lot of things — high fashion, rich history and culture and great cuisine. However, France, this elegant lady with an impeccable reputation, has in its appearance exciting features; sometimes even seeming a bit insane. Forget the trendy five-star Paris hotels ; today we will tell you about the 12 modern, artsy, funny, and sometimes just downright weird hotels of France. But remaining comfortable and stylish.

La Villa Hamster, Nantes

Literally, the name of this hotel translates to “Hamster Villa”. Now, if you’ve ever longingly stared at a cage of your hamster, dreaming, as he, to run in the wheel and drink from the feeder bolted to the cage wall, then this hotel is exactly designed for you. La Villa Hamster room is made in the form of cells of hamster — beds in the form of haystacks, forged wheels in the interior, reminiscent of those that run by hamsters. In the lobby of this wheel even works. To get to bed, need to crawl through the pipe, and in the bathroom you have a choice between a regular toilet or a tray of wood chips. In my opinion, this is overkill.

Hotel Cube, Paris

The hotel Cube has been svetasvara due to its reception area, made in the form of a large glass cube that reminds me of the ice hotels and frosty the Arctic. Actually, among the 41 rooms of the hotel, really is an ice room, which is called “The Ice Cube Room by Grey Goose”. Here, when the air temperature is -10 C, you can sleep on ice beds covered with animal skins. The rest of the building is decorated in relaxing shades of blue and purple.

Hotel Seeko’o, Bordeaux

This hotel is impossible to miss. It is located on the waterfront, in a historic building of the 18th century; the bright white facade of the Seeko’o hotel is an example of pop-futurism is where it’s fun to stop after touring the historic homeland of red wine. 45 rooms of this accommodation are equipped with all sorts of high-tech gadgets; large French Windows with views of the waterfront, black ceilings with lighting that creates the illusion of the night sky.

One by the Five, Paris

Luxurious, intimate, sexy. All of these adjectives perfectly describe the hotel One by the Five in Paris. This hotel appears in many lists as the most romantic hotel of the city. Located in the stunning Latin quarter. Represents the only a Suite consisting of five rooms. The usual hotel reception and the staff there. To register at the hotel, need to cross the street. Inside the hotel is decorated with draped velvet and large art panels depicting parts of the human body. Also there you can see the purple boudoir with a rich collection of perfume.

Le Bellechasse, Paris

The elegant look of this hotel owes fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Hotel Le Bellechasse is a stunning fusion of form from the 19th century and the modern comfort and convenience. Hidden in a narrow alley of the Saint Germain district, this boutique hotel is just a feast for the eyes and heart.

Color Design Hotel, Paris

The Color Design hotel in Paris lives up to its name. Decorated in bright, juicy colors like dull speaking out against a minimalist background. Located in the heart of Paris, between place de La Bastille and Lyon station. The hotel is classified as 3 star, 46 rooms. Room rates are quite affordable, and when you consider that Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, we can say that they are even attractive.

Inflatable CristalBubble Hotel, Mont Blanc

Want something really unusual and memorable? Hire a transparent inflatable globe tent. To accommodate it almost anywhere in the South of France, in the hilly countryside of Mont Blanc, on the beach or even on the tree. The hotel CristalBubble is a sphere with a diameter of 13 feet, with a double bed; if you like to sleep under the stars — this hotel with 360 degrees for you! Designed to accommodate two adults, however, the ball tent can be widened so that there is “room” for the child.

Hotel le A, Paris

Elegant and at the same time discreet hotel le A is a collaboration between designer and architect Frederick Mexichem and artist Fabrice Hyber. The hotel is minimalistic, but elegant style and is a nice place and comfortable stay. Located just a stone’s throw from the arc de Triomphe and the Champs elysées. 25 rooms, including 9 suites and one apartment. Decorated in soothing monochrome palette.

Hotel des Academies Paris

The hotel des Academies takes the third place among the best hotels in Europe in the rankings of TripAdvisor. It is located in one of the finest areas of Paris. Your choice of rooms — from the classic to the style of art Deco. The design of the hotel was engaged in the artist Jerome Mestayer and sculptor Sophie de Watrigant. It’s elegant and non-budget hotel. However, it is a model of creativity the 21st century, which combines art and culture of the modern city. It’s all worth it to stay there.

Museumotel, Raon-l Stage

This quirky and even slightly strange hotel consists of 9 bungalows on the island, in the East of France. This retro-futuristic hotel, with interiors in the style of pop art, as if straight out of the 60-ies. Semi-circular rooms with private bathroom are quite budget — about 55 euros per night. Add to this a view of the sea and you’ll want to stay there.

Mama Shelter, Paris

Mama Shelter is a great example of hotel design at an affordable price. It is located in a former garage, outside of the tourist area of Paris. French designer Philippe Starck has breathed in this place the young spirit. Wall of foam, bright accents from graffiti, funny accents in the form of light-masks super heroes at the head of the bed.

Hotel Everland, Paris

Imagine that you spent the night at the hotel-capsule on the roof of Paris, and from the window you see the symbol, the Eiffel tower. Similar hotels-capsules are located around the world, most beautiful places. To stay there only for one night. This capsule is located on the roof of the Paris Palais de Tokyo.

Places to lay his weary head to the tourist in Paris many: ranging from budget hostels to apartments and luxury hotels, where you can catch movie stars and show business. If you are going to the capital of France, find out which Paris hotels worth considering as a place of residence.

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