Ten hotels where the ghosts

You don’t believe in ghosts? Then try to get a room in one of these hotels and maybe you have to change your mind.

London, UK

Fans to tickle nerves should first be sent to the UK – it seems that the majority of ghosts from around the world have decided to settle on this European island is to meet a Ghost there almost every old house. It’s not necessary to leave London: meet regularly with haunted guests five-star luxury capital Hotel Lanhham. Guests often see a gray-haired gentleman, dressed in the costume of the era of king Edward. Usually, he appears in room 333, but who is he and why can’t I find comfort, unknown.

Oxfordshire, UK

A lot of ghosts lives in the English countryside. Usually tourists come to Holt Hotel in Oxfordshire, in order to settle in one of the 86 comfortable rooms, some of which include a luxurious Jacuzzi, to look at the surroundings. However, some travelers are attracted ghosts. Rumor has it that about four centuries ago in this house, brutally killed the landlord and his wife. All obvinyayuthimisya Frenchman, who seduced an honest woman, which led to the bloody drama. Since the killer always see in hotel rooms.

Selsdon Park Hotel

Surrey, UK

This respectable hotel is a popular choice for many Golf fans, because it is surrounded by a beautiful Golf course. But a majestic building with a millennial history holds many secrets. They even say that this is almost the most densely populated by the ghosts of the hotel Britannia. Most often guests meet with the lady in gray, which easily passes through the thick stone walls and suddenly appears in the corridors and rooms. According to legend, the young woman was in this house the maid and jumped out the window after the owner’s son left her pregnant.

Toftaholm Herrgrd

Småland, Sweden

Many ghosts can be found in other European countries. Rural hotel in the Swedish hinterland attracts romantics who want to spend a weekend in solitude surrounded by nature. But few of them know that in such a nice place once played out a terrible drama: the wealthy owner of the estate had a beautiful daughter. In an evil hour she met a handsome nice fellow from the village and loved it. Dad, of course, their relationship is not approved and forced the girl to marry another. Wedding day lover boy hanged himself in one of the rooms of this house, and since then his spirit prevent the guests.

Yu Shan Fan Dian

Changsha, China

Want to see the Ghost of a Chinese Empress? Then you should take a trip to China. In the town of Changsha three hours drive North of Beijing, the Yangtze river was built a huge hotel with 220 rooms. But in the past these lands belonged to the Royal dynasty, so the ruler of Yu Shan still can’t calm down and tries to drive the aliens from their possessions. Her Ghost always see in many of the halls and in the Park.

Bangkok, Thailand

A notorious daredevils dare to stay in hotel Asia Hotel in the Thai capital. After all, dim lighting, old dirty rooms with mould on the walls can deter any! But that’s not all: don’t be surprised if some night you on the bed suddenly sits some sort of translucent figure, and only you try to speak to her, she will completely dissolve in the air.

The Taj Mahal Palace

Mumbai, India

You probably already heard about one of the most luxurious hotels in Mumbai? But did you know that on its roof was often seen a Ghost? Told, that this chief engineer involved in the construction of the hotel. Shortly before the delivery he had to go to France and when he returned, he discovered that the building was not completed in his project. He was so distressed that she committed suicide. Since then, he wanders through the roof and suffering that his plan was not implemented.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Unlike spirits living in the homes of the Old world for centuries, canadian ghosts quite young. With a certain lady in red you will meet if you decide to spend a week at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. In 1944 near this hotel was a car crash, which killed the young lady. It happened so fast that her soul still can’t find the way to the underworld, and because she had to stay in the Elevator shaft, that she occasionally leaves, scaring the guests and employees of the hotel.

Le Meridien King Edward

For more than 100 years of hospitality luxury hotel in Toronto. But by booking a room there, be prepared for the unexpected. Once on the 17th floor was the ballroom. Subsequently it was closed and was not used. However, if you have a bathroom close by, all night long until you will be heard music, laughing, talking, as if behind a wall in the midst of noisy merriment. To complain to the administrator is useless: to pacify the spirits that he is not able!

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