The most unusual hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants of the new time are striking in their unique idea. Made on new technologies, embodied all the imagination architects, they impress everyone. Today, architects are getting more and more freedom to implement their insane projects. And one of the most demanded areas for the application of their talent is in the HoReCa sector, i.e. the industry of hotel and restaurant business, which offers plans stunning and unusual structures. Huge underwater hotel, hanging in the air restaurant, hotel-volcano and more in the review of masterpieces of architecture.

Water Discus

Dinner In The Sky

I do not know where to bring your girlfriend on the upcoming Valentine’s day? If You are among those who are sick of the banality, the owners Dinner In The Sky judging by his name are ready to offer you something special. It’s a restaurant, hanging at a height of 50 meters above the ground! A special crane can lift in the sky the wait staff and 22 guests, who can choose a proper seat. Security remains one of the most important prerogatives: visitors already tacked four seat belts.

Want live music? Please! Musicians will pick up on other design and they will play for You a Rhapsody of Brahms until you look out of dostoprimechtelnostyami. The restaurant, established in Belgium, is very mobile and has exhibited in many European cities.

Dynamic Building Dubai

The implementation of the project David Fisher, who proposed his concept of rotating buildings in the largest cities of the world, has received approval from investors in the United Arab Emirates. The project for which the building must be a 15-storey 6-star hotel, 20 floors of office space, 35 floors of luxury apartments and 10 floors of the villas will soon start to become a reality! 420-meter tower will rotate at a speed of 6 meters per minute, making a full rotation in 90 minutes.

If the construction of a madly spinning at the prospect, another Arab hotel, known as “the Arab Tower”, is already nothing less 13 years. Built 280 meters from the shore on an artificial island, “Burj al Arab” combines two floors, 202 rooms. They are all equipped with the latest technology and design, and offer the highest level of luxury and comfort. The room also has huge floor to ceiling Windows, which offer stunning sea views. The hotel also designed the tallest atrium lobby in the world (180 meters)

This restaurant is located on hot water tanks of Reykjavik. Practical engineers really used the opportunity, and in the end they turned out stunning architectural object, harmoniously adjacent to the direct use of the water system. The advantages of this restaurant is obvious: first, the well owners save on heating, because the builders did not have to install floor heating. Secondly, with the height of the restaurant offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings. In addition, the building has another interesting feature: it rotates and makes a full revolution around its axis for 2 hours. Not fast, You say. But really this is enough to make You quietly ate and looked at the beauty of Reykjavik.

LumiLinna SnowCastle

This is the biggest snow Fort in the world which is located in the small Finnish town of Kemi. Every year from ice and snow built a chapel, a restaurant and a hotel, but the style of their construction, proportions and shapes change with every season. Is too fragile of natural snow is a special snow from sea water. The restaurant hall, for up to 180 persons decorated with colourful lights, and each room has its unique theme.

Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin

In the historical centre of Berlin is an amazing five-star Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin. This hotel is very similar to a Russian nesting doll: inside the beautiful building there is the largest and most famous aquarium in the world which can hold 1 000 000 litres of water and 2.5 thousand tropical fish of 56 species. Inside the aquarium held the Elevator shaft, which accommodates 30 people immediately and allows you inside to see all the beauty of the underwater world in great detail, and also takes guests to the observation deck. The hotel offers 426 rooms, some of which offer a fascinating view of the life of the aquarium inhabitants, followed by dark blue lighting.

If You do not consider previous hotels, next on the list of “Magic mountain Lodge” will definitely change your view about the hotel splendor. The people in the hotel called “hotel-volcano”, because the building is conical in shape, built of stone and wood, really like the fire spewing mountain. Only instead of lava he pulled out a powerful jet of water, creating a sort of waterfall. The topic chosen is not simple, because the Windows of the hotel overlook the real Arenal volcano. The owner of the hotel said that the hotel allows its guests to touch the world of nature.

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