Unusual hotel in tree

Probably many of us in my childhood loved to build tree house, kind of a tree house found in the district of old boards, sticks. In the U.S., for example, many children parents build entire houses on a tree, their offspring nezavisimym the state and where adult input is strictly prohibited. But time passes, children grow up, however, not all the love houses on the tree runs. Some even keep it in my heart all life, and a very creative personality I have a very unusual way.

For example, in Canada, on the West coast of Vancouver island, in the province of Quebec, has its first hotel in the world in the form of houses on the tree. This hotel is called the Free Spirit Spheres . The Creator of such unusual “tree houses” – Including Chudley – for the life was planning to build this unusual housing which fully consisted of wood and fiberglass. Tom built three spherical rooms – called female names Eve, Erin and melody.

An unusual hotel is located at a height of almost five meters from the ground. The rooms look in the form of spheres, which is really suspended on the tree. To live in this hotel is completely safe, because all calculations in the construction was tested many times.

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Each sphere sways gently when someone moves. Room neobychnoe on the tree is decorated almost like a 5-star hotel has everything, even electricity. Each sphere is equipped with a fridge and built-in speakers, so you can stock up on snacks and hanging between the trees to the music.

Convenience – in the form of compost and traditional toilets and hot showers and sauna – on the street. One night in the room of this hotel is not cheap – £ 90 – price includes towels, bed linen, hot showers and a sauna.

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The Free Spirit Spheres hotel is open 12 months a year. Here only guests with young children there do not accept, your offspring must be at least 16 years of age. Animals in the hotel also not yet take.

According to the Creator of this amazing property, it’s not going to ostanavlivatsya only on the three already built rooms. “First I built Eve. My family thought it was fun, but when I saw how many people dream to spend the night in our spherical the house, I decided to continue,” says Tom.

The most expensive room in the world: night, price 80 000 $

That’s what happens when you don’t forget about his childhood Hobbies and dreams, and as an adult, to find ways to implement them.

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