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Café Royal

Luxury five star hotel Café Royal, the 1835 has one of the cutest buildings on Regent Street in the heart of London, after four years of reconstruction was re-opened last year. The historical interiors of the lobby and restaurants were refurbished and the rooms have undergone a complete redesign, and now this historic hotel combines the luxury of the 19th century and all the modern conveniences of the 21st century. Café Royal is on the list of best hotels in the world (Leading Hotels of the World) and is at the Conservatorium (Amsterdam) and Lutetia (Paris) participant of the conceptual network of The Set .


Just steps away from Piccadilly square: any taxi driver knows where it is, and on the underground from Heathrow airport can be reached in a straight 40 minutes. Near all the attractions: from the Royal Palace to Hard Rock Café.

The hotel

The main entrance is an old wooden “carousel”, which sets in motion the doorman in livery, once you get. Immediately after that you enter the marble foyer which leads up the marble staircase and four vintage Elevator with a needle indicator of the floor (I have seen only in historical films). But, getting out of Elevator hall in a complex corridor system, at the same time you move from the nineteenth century to the present — the corridor, like most of the 160 rooms decorated in ultrasonometry.

Strict wall design, simple yet fashionable furniture and some details in the style of Japanese minimalism: wing doors with opaque lattice glass, marble tables, Oriental flowers in the rooms, lobby and corridors. And features of the new century: high-tech lamps, TV Bang & Olufsen with a rotary drive, which is duplicated on the screen, mounted into a huge mirror in the bathroom, media system with smartphone connection via Bluetooth, the automated system closing the curtains, digitally regulated lighting and air conditioning. All done with such impeccable taste, as if the designers were designing a new house for bill gates.

But besides the external aesthetics in the room and all other details thought out to the last detail — the heated floor in the bathroom, expensive shampoos and gels in rather big and very convenient bottles, Nespresso coffee machine, which you can also brew tea, and a Minibar filled with so many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (including French champagne, English Ales and organic soft drinks) that it would be enough for a medium size party. A separate point I would have said the chocolate is young, but has already won the award for Britain’s Best Chocolatier of the British company William Curley, a gift box of chocolates which is offered as a compliment (and a chocolate Orgy in a bar where a few tiles William Curley of different varieties).

Restaurants and bars

Breakfast is served in the restaurant Ten Room on the ground floor, next to reception. The restaurant also has a separate entrance from the street, so that visitors could go inside, getting acquainted with the doorman. The choice was offered a “quick” Breakfast, continental, English, American, and “healthy”. You can also make your own version by ordering different ingredients from any set. I chose the traditional English Breakfast (eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, garnish of tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding) and toast, fresh juice, cappuccino and a set of French pastries (every day it’s different). Croissants from this set won first place in my personal ranking of croissants, leaving Paris far behind. They, incidentally, can be bought in a cozy coffee shop-the bakery, The Café, located in the hotel building but with separate entrance on Regent Street.

Dinner was not crowded, and the audience was almost one hundred percent of the wealthy men of average and older than average age in the company of gorgeous ladies. The menu was dominated by traditional English meat dishes and antipasti. I ordered the carpaccio Cipriani with rocket salad and Parmesan, tenderloin of lamb with Ratatouille and polenta, and for dessert — chocolate mousse with strawberries and lemon ice cream. All meals were prepared at the level, which can boast, not even the most expensive restaurants, but my account was only 30 pounds (about 1,800 rubles), which is more than modest, given the class of hotel and the London prices.

Well, a deep evening at the Oscar Wilde Bar (formerly the Grill Room, familiar to all fans of Oscar Wilde). This is a gorgeous place with mirrors, candelabra, champagne and live music regulars was not only the Oscar Wild — David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and Elizabeth Taylor also often used to go here (and some of them continue to drop).


451€ for a double Room Portland; 536€ for a Deluxe Portland (June, weekdays).

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