The famous Plaza hotel will be allowed for Souvenirs

One of the most famous hotels in new York, the Plaza hotel, was an opportunity for fans to recreate the interiors of your home. For this, they need only to buy something owned, from a teaspoon to a fully furnished room, reports the New York Post.

The sale of the hotel will begin on Friday morning, may 20, and will be held in the framework of the program of renovation of the hotel. Anyone can buy almost anything – furniture, blankets, uniforms for doormen, art. The choice is limited only by the wallet of the buyer.

Press Secretary of the “Plaza” Lisa Linden, said that “for those who stayed here, this is a great opportunity to buy something that would remind them of those days”.

Ice bucket, monogrammed stands $ 20. A Minibar is available for $ 35. Those interested can buy the maid uniform ($45) or messenger ($100), and a Bathrobe exhibited for the price of $ 75.

“If you like Breakfast in bed, you can buy a bed – $ 45 for normal and 75 for larger pillows will cost 6-8 dollars, sheets 8-10, and covered in 30-45 dollars,” said Linden.

Fans of the hotel, which sometimes was paying 1200 to $ 1400 per night in the room, propertybecause favourite room almost entirely. For example, red curtains from room 801 can be bought at $ 250 apiece, a glass coffee table – 145, large wooden bedside tables – 525 and a Desk for $ 1850.

Silverware can be purchased for $ 3 (spoon, fork or knife), plate stands 2 to $ 25, and wine glasses – 2. Also sold door handles (125 to 250 dollars), candelabra (145 – 450) and chairs (45 – 125). The sale will last every day for 6 weeks.

Investor Joe McGinnis, who spent at the Plaza almost a third of all days of the year said he intends to buy a room and place it in his house in Florida. “I’ll call the room “the Room in the Plaza”. It’s very funny,” he said.

The Plaza will be closed for renovation until the end of 2006, after which it will be re-opened to the public. According to the plan, after a 350-million renovation of the hotel will have a new space that can be rented, and part of the hotel converted to condominiums.

In March 2003 in new York held a protest demonstration against the government’s decision on cessation of operation of one of the oldest hotels in the city. Demostrate was organized by Reverend Jesse Jackson and actress Susan Sarandon.

Built in 1907, the Plaza hotel had 805 rooms. The number of staff was approximately 950 people.

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