The island of Ischia and its hotels

Forio. This is one of the largest towns of Ischia, which was once the most important settlement of the island, well fortified, with its own artillery, the beauty of the surroundings of Forio always attracted artists and writers. The local variant of Mediterranean architecture with its many domes and towers are well perceived on the background of evergreen gardens that adorn the slopes of the hills and of the volcano Epomeo . The most remarkable watch-tower, preserved from the XV century, dominates the harbour of Forio. Connoisseurs of cinematography I’d love to visit the ancient Villa of Colombia . made famous by the film Director Luchino Visconti. As with other areas of the island, Forio is rich in natural thermal resources. The most valuable sources combined pools at Citara and Agnone . It is based on them is based the famous thermal complexes Poseidon, Paolone Monterone . as well as the ancient Terme Castile and Castiglione di Saliceto .

Great fame to the island brought a unique thermal springs a fumarole . that hit right in the sea. Hot water rising from the seabed, reaches a temperature of 900 C. For vacationers there is no more interesting entertainment than to cook the egg directly in the foam of the waves. A significant portion of the fumarole is concentrated near the coast of the municipality of Forio . In Forio d’ischia is one of the most significant thermal complexastrea – the Poseidon Gardens, situated in a romantic Bay Citara. Their total area is equal to 4 500 sq. m. 25 pools with thermal water of different temperatures. The gardens are beautiful in any season, but especially in the spring, then say about them, what if somewhere on earth there is a Paradise, it’s here. In addition to recreational baths in the complex there are the usual, so-called “Olympic pool”, a private beach and a huge number of auxiliary facilities, cafes, restaurants, medical and massage establishments, beauty salons, shops, rentals and much more.

Today Ischia Porto plays the role of the capital of Ischia . The town is divided in two areas – Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte . There are numerous hotels of different categories, commercial centres, discos, night clubs, taverns, restaurants, boutiques. Beautiful sandy beaches stretching from Ischia Porto to Ischia Ponte . Luxurious pine and chestnut forests, the picturesque scenery enchants tourists. In the Bay of Cartaromana beat the springs of thermal water and create natural bath along the shore. Symbol o. iskya – majestic Aragonese castle near Ischia Ponte .

Ischia Ponte – lovely small parks with several public and private thermal pools, hydromassage, underwater massage, small beaches hidden between the rocks. Near the Gardens of Eden there is a Bay of Cartaromana, in which thermal springs, bubbling up into the sea, form natural thermal baths along the shore. Most scenic parks are the Gardens of Apollo and Aphrodite and tropical, located on the terrace (not on the beach) in Sant’angelo, offering breathtaking views of the town and the sea. 12 thermal pools with different temperatures, an indoor pool with hydromassage, sauna in natural grotto, underwater massage, nudist area, a restaurant on the terrace. At all parks there are locker rooms, hire of towels and robes, lounge chairs and umbrellas, bars and restaurants, as well as specialized medical spas: massages, mud baths and other paid procedures that can help Your body cope with the existing disease, prevent new ones, to strengthen and restore the mind and body. Also on the island of Ischia has a Thermal centre where experienced doctors perform serious treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, trauma and fractures, laryngologie, skin and gynecological diseases with thermal water and therapeutic mud bath, thermal body wraps, mud, therapeutic massages different parts of the body, inhalation, irrigation, all kinds of skin care products, special courses “antistress”, “cellulite”, figure correction, rejuvenation, etc. It is impossible to resist the subtle charm of this extraordinary island, and having been there once, people return here again and again.

Lacco Ameno . The town is located 2 kilometres West of Casamicciola . For many centuries it was a modest fishing village. But in the early fifties of the last century this village was transformed and has become an elegant resort and world-class. sources, equipped with the most modern equipment for mud and thermal baths, attracted the attention of therapists all over the world.In the sixties of the last century in Lacco Ameo was the international film festivals. In Lacco Ameno rested many famous people: a family of Onassis and Rothschild, famous actors, Laurence Olivier, Monica Vitti, Marcello Mastroianni . Among the monuments of history and culture, we can highlight several objects. For example, the Church of Santa Restituita . dedicated to the Holy patroness of the island, the first Christian building on the site was built in IV century You should pay attention on the recently renovated Church of the Madonna delle Grazie . and visit the grotto of San Montano . located in the gardens of Negombo. Gardens Negombo is famous for its thermal pools under the open sky. Not far from the shore, into the sea you can see the famous Fungo (the mushroom) is the tuff rock, reminiscent of a mushroom. This kind of symbol of Ischia is a work of nature itself.

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