Holidays in Turkey: an extravagant and chic

Turkey – available, exotic, already well habitable Belarusian tourists. But there is another holiday in Turkey. What hotels are considered to be gorgeous and what a super service and convenience you can count today.

Tours to Turkey are leading in demand among the Belarusians that summer. Many of our compatriots have already visited the standard beach hotels. What to do when the famous seaside resort-want more? Of course, hotels below the level of 5* in the review were not included. Among the criteria is the most important: professional staff; the decor, architecture, furnishings; equipped areas; additional VIP amenities; reviews.

Mardan Palace hotel-Palace hotel-city. This is the most expensive holiday in Antalya. Its area is huge – 195 thousand square meters. The exclusives include a giant swimming pool in the centre, through which spanned bridge. He, according to legend, built by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. The water surface is cut through the passenger gondola.

The Mardan Palace Hotel

It is worth noting that in the property of hotel coral reef with 1.5 million tropical fish. 10 on-site restaurants offering world razlichnykh. Beaches Mardan Palace is recognized as the best on the Mediterranean coast. For them the sand was delivered from Egypt.

A holiday in Turkey. The Mardan Palace Hotel

The interior of the hotel combines luxurious materials and modern content. The cost of the most expensive rooms more than 19 thousand dollars per night. In such “Royal” chambers have private steam rooms and pianos.

Exclusive are and two at the Kempinski. Their distinctive feature is the combination of cutting-edge design and national colors. Kempinski Hotel Barbaros is located in Bodrum. Tropical gardens, privacy, peace and quiet unique on-site not only attract worldly travelers, but also Hollywood stars. The hotel’s architecture is quite unusual. From all rooms beautiful views of the Aegean sea.

Hotels Turkey. Kempinski Hotel Barbaros

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros

Exclusive offer for guests – Spa “Six senses”. Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul is located right in the Palace of the 16th century. This former residence of the Ottoman sultans in Istanbul. One of the pluses of the interiors preserve the atmosphere of past centuries. Raisins – luxurious bed linen and stunning views of the Bosphorus, as well as the fact that all the rooms are arranged exclusively on Feng Shui. Proud of the hotel and level of service (which is confirmed by customer feedback).

A holiday in Turkey. Hotel Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Adam & Eve is the best hotel complex in Belek. This hotel, which, in fact, no Windows. More precisely, a wall of glass mirror, coloured and so on. And the interiors – in a dazzling white. Plus the classic long pool and chic bar, as well as many parties and discos. This non-classical chic holiday in Turkey.

Hotels Turkey. Adam & Eve

There are in Belek another expensive complex Voyage Belek. Offers not only rooms in the main building and 12 bungalows. The main advantage is a small water Park for children. The hotel describes itself as a family, therefore many tours are designed for tourists of kiddies of all ages.

A holiday in Turkey. Hotel Voyage Belek

Grand Pasa Hotel in Marmaris is out of the resort. He’s on the second line, has positioned itself as a family hotel, there is a large and beautiful garden. The rooms are decorated in the old European style. Despite some reticence in the style, though, and the comfort of the hotel complex is ultra-modern. Especially attractive list of free services.

Hotels Turkey. Grand Pasa Hotel

On the island of Bodrum is unattractive at first glance minimalistic Ada Hotel . It looks like a fisherman’s hut, slightly increased in size. But the gray walls of rough – refined Victorian style and antique furniture of precious wood and precious Oriental textiles. Each room is individual. And to swim in the Bay, bordered by green cliffs. This is a fairly intimate hotel in Turkey.

A holiday in Turkey. The Ada Hotel

There are hotels with a twist and with some craziness. Such owners take very bizarre decisions on the design or scale to surprise and oblagodetel tourists.

And here is an example of Turkish hospitality – WOW Kremlin Palace. This hotel complex in Antalya is almost a complete copy of the Grand Kremlin Palace. To live in the Kremlin in a literal sense: copied not only the external architecture but also interior design. On the territory there are other “doubles” the occupants of the red square.

Hotels Turkey. WOW Kremlin Palace

Another example is the Gamirasu Cave Hotel . It is famous for its scenery the area of Turkey – Cappadocia, the resort is by the Ocean. A former Byzantine monastery, hosted in the rock, in caves, has no special amenities: beds carved out of stone, steep staircases. The price is small, but the staff – at the highest level, as the service. Exotic and adds to the atmosphere, and in the morning, “Breakfast Highlander”: local honey with milk, cheese and fruit.

Tours to Turkey. Hotel Gamirasu Cave Hotel

The most expensive hotels of Turkey, most unusual hotels in Turkey, the most amazing Turkey… the Turkey may become much more interesting due to the choice of themed or luxury hotel. Warm sea and beautiful you stay, how many stars neither was listed on the front!

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