Most expensive hotels in the world

The most expensive hotels in the world – Moscow

In Moscow shortage of hotels for the middle class

In Moscow the most expensive hotels in the world, because the hotel Fund is small, and the demand for rooms is available from solvent businessmen, not tourists.

The average room in the Russian capital costs 417 $ (258 pounds) per day, counted the drafters of the rating of cities with the most expensive hotels, Hogg Robinson Group.

Stanislav Ivashkevich, Deputy Director for development of “hospitality Industry” in the company CB Richard Ellis says that in Moscow there are only 35 hotels that meet all modern requirements.

“In London Holiday Inn only 20 pieces!”, – Ivashkevich said.

Build in Moscow nervously and expensive

One hotel

“We built a hotel in the centre of Moscow. To function properly, we built a ventilation extension at the top. But Moskomarhitektury regarded it as an additional floor and took us to the building. They explained this by the fact that from the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge these additions, the height two meters, close views of some Church. And for two years we couldn’t open the hotel. And only after we began to speak openly, not in the center of Moscow three stars to open, although made in accordance with the bylaws. Only after all this noise we were allowed to open. People just wanted money!”

Stanislavskii, CB Richard Ellis

To find the area for construction of hotels in Moscow is difficult, but even with her, to open a hotel on it can be very expensive, experts say – more than in other countries and other Russian cities.

“Is, for example, in the center of the old house: to relocate, you need to spend 30 to 50 million dollars, says Ivashkevich. The developer must spend $ 30 million to settle, then another few million to demolish the house, then another 40 million to build. I know so many developers who refuse to build at this stage”.

In Moscow hotels are losing from the point of view of investment attractiveness for all types of real estate, primarily housing, – said Marina Usenko Executive Vice President Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels.

“If in this area nothing else but the hotel cannot be built, the developer still chooses lighter forms of investment with a more reliable option of money back, says Usenko. The developers will check whether built be categorized under apartments, which bear a pseudo-hospitality functions, but are actually just apartments.”

In addition to high material costs for the construction of hotels in Moscow, developers are forced to deal with bureaucratic obstacles.

Stanislav Ivashkevich told that in Minsk or Tbilisi developer who wants to build a hotel, make tax breaks for several years. In addition, on the import of equipment, such developers do not pay customs duties.

Moscow vs. St. Petersburg

Much better hotel space than in Moscow, the situation in St. Petersburg, said Ivashkevich.

“I think the first Four Seasons opens in St. Petersburg, the first W hotel will open in St. Petersburg, although there are big problems with loading in winter”, – said the expert.

If in this area nothing else but the hotel cannot be built, the developer still chooses lighter forms of investment with a more reliable option of money back

Marina Usenko, Executive Vice President of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels

In Moscow, unlike St. Petersburg, foreigners come more to the business than a tourist visit. Unlike tourists, businessmen on business trips, it is important that the conditions in the hotel were not Spartan.

“People who come to Moscow come on business. They don’t want to worry about whether they are normal bath or sleep,” says Marina Usenko.

Stanislav Ivashkevich says that some businessmen are coming to Moscow for the first time to consider the possibilities of entering the Russian market, first find yourself pleasantly surprised by the large market for their products. And then they are unpleasantly surprised by the cost accounts for accommodation in Moscow, where they spent some time discussing work possibilities.

“No company will pay $ 500 per day of stay of the head and $ 300 per day regular worker in Moscow hotels”, – said the expert.

In addition, in the middle of the working week, for example, in Moscow “of largely free to dictate prices to consumers, although not in the same volume as before the crisis,” said Marina Usenko.

The solvency of the businessmen, naturally, higher than that of picky tourists.

All these difficulties result in the fact that before 2008 the average room rate in Moscow “transvesdyke” was 10-12 thousand rubles per night, but if it was about the hotel a higher level, the price per room reached 15 thousand rubles.

Now the price has dropped to 5-7 thousand rubles per room, says Stanislav Ivashkevich.

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