Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the world

There are hotels in the world, where is almost impossible to get ordinary mortals. They are magnificent rooms, presidential suites and luxury which is amazing, and the price for 1 day is several times higher than the annual the income of the average Russian. But even the standard double room in this hotel on a pocket far not to everyone.

Gold online: the most expensive hotel chain in the world

Let’s start our review with a description of the most expensive and luxurious hotel chains in the world. Her name has long been synonymous with wealth, luksofori and high quality service. In any of its hotels(96), can feel like a VIP and get in touch with the world elite. Probably you have already guessed that we are talking about The Ritz-Carlton is a famous hotel chain with more than century-long history of impeccable service. One of the most expensive rooms at the the Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite is the hotel in Tokyo, a day in which you will have to pay a decent amount to 25 thousand US dollars. Feature of this Suite is its location — top floor of the tallest building in Tokyo. Is it worth that kind of money incredible views of the Japanese capital, it’s not us.But the standard room in Tokyo, The Ritz-Carlton it is possible to afford, if you strongly want.Prices for accommodation in standard double room starting from $400.

In the list of most expensive hotel rooms Ritz hits the network and the Moscow branch. In his presidential Suite you can stay for just $16 500.

European quality and Oriental luxury

If the prices in The Ritz-Carlton are you surprised, the cost of the presidential Suite in this European hotel just plunged into shock. Ready? One night in the penthouse, which occupies the entire top floor of President Wilson hotel Geneva, will cost 65 000$.Of course, this is a room for VIP-persons, among which, as a rule, presidents and Ministers arriving at the UN Assembly. It offers penthouse with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and stunning views of lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, opening for bullet proof glass rooms. To order this Suite is problematic, but the rest of the rooms at the hotel President Wilson more available at $700 per night.

But if European hotels rely on classic interiors and high quality service, Investicni colleagues are used to “take” customers dazzling decoration. Why should only the world’s first 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, has already become a symbol of Eastern hospitality and architectural sophistication.Built in the shape of a sail, the Burj Al Arab is welcoming guests who are ready to leave for one from $1500. But it’s almost free compared to the cost of the Royal Suite in this hotel is $19 600.

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