Best hotels Turkey

Perhaps, everyone loves to have a good rest. Going to another country, every traveler hopes to stay outside the house will remember him for a long time and will leave behind only positive emotions. Many tourists prefer to spend their vacations in Turkey . which is not surprising, because in addition to the wonderful climate this country is famous for its excellent conditions for recreation.

Hotels Turkey in Istanbul on the Bosphorus

When choosing a place to stay, you should consider several factors. First, it is necessary to estimate the size of the territory in which the hotel is located . Second, ask whether there is a building near the pool. In addition, all of differ from each other by the level of service and equipment provided. So, one room can be air conditioning with remote control and even a safety Deposit box and the other with a minimal set of furniture.

The best hotels of Turkey are great places to spend a vacation fun and interesting. How to choose the right place to stay? The easiest way is to read reviews of tourists . To reduce the range of searches, you need to ask, which hotels are popular with travelers and why.

Best hotels in Turkey for family holidays

1. One of the most famous hotels in Antalya Barut Lara is . Just 400 metres from the beach it ngodirectory. The sea can be reached on foot or by bus.

Barut Lara is operating on the system “all inclusive”. A varied diet can not fail to please tourists.

On site entertainment staff. For children there are theatrical performances. Little travelers can visit a special club, or take a swim in the pool. For vacationers of all ages will be water slides.

2. Another famous hotel located in Antalya . is Delphin Diva Premiere . It is located close to a sandy beach.

Delphin Diva Premiere is a great option for a family holiday. Here you can taste delicious local dishes. Very popular among tourists are the desserts. In addition, the Delphin Diva Premiere is famous for its pools: outdoor and indoor, as well as multiple water slides. Other available opportunities include: tennis court, animation program, aerobics, banana boating, jet skiing, Canoeing and parasailing. The restaurant serves a wide selection of food and beverages to children, and in the territory of Delphin Diva Premiere has children’s playgrounds.

3. The Hotel Baia Lara . conveniently located in Antalya . works on system “all inclusive” and is considered one of the best places to stay in Turkey. Here visitors can enjoy local and import drinks.

Very popular among tourists enjoy the local cuisine and spacious beach. In addition, visitors will find that the wait staff keeps order in the rooms. People who prefer happy holidays, with love to tell the story about the foam party and fireworks on the beach. On the territory of Baia Lara has a swimming pool. Adult travelers can ride on one of three water slides. For younger visitors entertainment staff. Widely represented playgrounds.

4. Eat delicious food, enjoy the spacious grounds and relax in a comfortable room in Marbella . The building is located in Marmaris . The resort is all-inclusive.

The best hotels of Turkey for a relaxing holiday

1. Hotel Villa Turka . located in Alanya . popular with tourists who want to enjoy their vacation. The building stands on the mountain. The charm of him attached terraced garden. It is worth noting that on the territory of the Villa Turka is no fun, but there is a lovely pool for you, just relax. The beach is just a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Villa Turka is worth a visit though, because on site served lovely food. In addition, you can enjoy a great view, just looking out the window of your room.

2. D-Hotel Maris — hotel, which is located on the beachfront in Marmaris and is famous for the presence of five sandy beaches and two spacious heated pools. D-Hotel Maris is ideal for visitors who wish to admire the Bay, as well as anyone who wants to relax from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. It should be noted that this room cannot accommodate children under eight years.

3. Enormous popularity of the hotel El Vino . located in Bodrum . The town is known thanks to the beautiful nature and comfortable conditions for living. Vacationers can feast on delicious dishes while enjoying the beautiful views of the city. The fact that the restaurant is open right on the roof.

4. In Istanbul, the hotel Neorion . In this place you can have a good time after long walks. Neorion on the territory there are: swimming pool, Hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna. The decor is pleasing to many travelers. Delicious food, comfortable rooms and a spectacular terrace on the roof overlooking the Bosphorus — a wonderful combination that is able to make your vacation unforgettable. In addition, close to Neorion are the local restaurants.

The best hotels of Turkey for a memorable vacation

1. Museum Hotel is one of the most unusual boutique hotels of Cappadocia . The name of the hotel is not accidental. It occupies a carefully restored stone houses and caves. Museum Hotel are decorated in Ottoman style — everywhere the work of Turkish masters: carpets, tableware, fabrics, household items and interior. Preserving the appearance of the ancient dwellings, all rooms at equipped with the most modern standards. It has everything from easy chairs to Wi-Fi and luxury bathrooms.

2. It is very difficult to get a place in Club Anastasia . located in Marmaris . The wait staff provides service at the highest level. The rooms are distinguished by their impressive size.

3. Among tourists widely famous hotel Club Med Kemer . located in Kemer . To be there is anyone who cannot live without entertainment. For travelers there are bars and restaurants. The only drawback: with children at Club Med Kemer jelly can not be.

When choosing a hotel, should know whether it’s for a family holiday. Also, before you go on a trip, it is necessary to identify for themselves the purpose of their stay in another country, as some locations offer visitors a bustling pastime, others calm.

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