Summer Romance

There are many things to look forward to in the summer – the weather, the beach, vacation and of course, the possibility of falling in love. There is something about the summertime that makes people want to fall in love. Maybe it’s because the warm weather keeps people out longer, inspires them to flirt or just generally makes them a bit sexier. Perhaps it’s the tans, the liberating clothes, or the saltwater hair, whatever it is, it makes us all hopeless romantics.
Romantic summer must-haves:
White lace:
Fashion is as important to summer as anything else. From denim shorts to bright coloured maxi dresses, espadrilles to big beads, it’s everything you need to be hot and gorgeous all summer long. There is something about white lace though that just feels so romantic. Perhaps it’s the creaminess and the sandy colour it turns when dragging along the beach, but white lace is something every girl should have in her summer wardrobe.
Beach reads:
‘Love and Summer’ by William Trevor, ‘Too Much Happiness’ by Alice Monroe, ‘Love’ by Toni Morrison, these are all wonderful books to bring to the beach with you. They will suck you in and entertain you while you lay back and relax in the sun. They are wonderful love stories that will help you escape your world of singleness, if that’s what you’re looking for.
Somewhere to rest outside:
One of the nicest parts about summer is the ability to doze off outside in the middle of the afternoon. It’s warm enough that you don’t even need a blanket. Whether you’re on a boat or in your garden you should have some sort of chaise lounge to take a little nap on. Collapse on an outdoor couch, love seat or hammock with your summer love and let the sun kiss your skin while the wind keeps you cool while you sleep.
A sense of adventure:
If you want to experience summer love you have to be open to it. Those who are in the mindset to go out and enjoy their summer, meet new people and try new things are the ones who will probably find love. Be a bit adventurous with your time this summer. Plan a camping trip with friends, take a road trip to the beach for a day or so, explore new parts of your city and take in a festival or two.
With the right environment and the right mindset, you may end up finding love this summer after all. Read more here.

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